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A Friday Evening Rant!

Its been a long time since i just ranted..and if you are not into it, STOP reading now!

After work today I just wanted to fuel my bus before putting it away (you know so if someone needs it this weekend its fueled). I sat and waited for 20 minutes while a man at the pump just stood there, insisting it don’t work, because he can’t hear it.  FAIL its working but you have to hold the handle this aint the Minit Market (yes in PA we pump our own fuel)…he has worked there for 20 or more years, its always been that way..OKAY, still rolling with it, patience..yah I am working on it. Two bus drivers tried to cut in front of me..dang! these are full size buses, not little nissan people!  then another driver decides she needs to get around me, instead of going the other way, and now i need to back up to let her past..lost my spot in line for fuel! OKAY..i am not that i parked the bus, and said i am done for today!

I leave there to go pick up some dinner for my kids. i am a nice mom, want to treat my kids a little..go to Wendys. (the man delivers to wendys, support the cause all that!), the girl rips me off some of my food, about $7.00, and I want her to fix it..but FAIL! she got all ghetto on me..and needless to say Jesus did not come out of my was all about ghetto on ghetto..FAIL!

Just so you know, I am staying in my house..I am not going anywhere tonight..and knowing full well, i have FAILED the patience, show them love, and be Christ like, and it took me all of 30 minutes!

Being an Overcomer doesn’t mean that I have it all together, or that crap doesn’t happen to means I am learning to overcome one thing at a time, and knowing when I FAIL, GOD will most certainly give this test again, until I pass it.. **stomps feet**



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Christmas Randomness

I love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. ( i suddenly hear Chrissy Hine singing ..”don’t get me wrong”-wierd) The commericialism is pretty bad, and I can deal with that too. (just stay home) But the one thing that has been totally making me nuts about the holiday is…Radio stations playing non stop Christmas music, and I am not sure why they only each have about 10, so it is so repetitious I want to scream! So I need more cds in my car. My nieghbors house looks like the Griswalds mixed up with Wally World, and I am sure there are gnomes running around over there at night who are threatening to me. I know that is not nice, but I just wanted to share, and sharing is nice! 🙄
I little girl on my bus today said, don’t ever hide anything in your underwear drawer, you know everyone looks there first! Argh! You know I need to move some much for a private safe spot! and yes a 5 year old informed me. She also wears a “warna brutha” tshirt on occasion. My latest thought pattern is stuck on warm weather and how many bloggers can I hook up with this summer not counting Oregon, because that just goes without saying! ya know? My son found my stash of Oreo’s and cleaned me out! no kidding…two left in the bag…maybe it was me, naaaa I think it was him. My man is wanting to drive trucks all over the US, and me I just want a plane ticket that is reusable anywhere anytime kind of thing. Okay I am done for now..I dont remember if I brought the dog in or left her out side..hey she is snow dog..cold weather should be her friend!..
Anything working on you today? please share…


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Something that needed to be said!

Selena has a video posted, that although she seriously made me crack up early this morning and spray coffee, she has made a very good serious point.  If you are considering becoming a Christian, read the Gospels, talk to someone who is, but know this…we are not “Holier than thou”, we are not sent out to point our “spiritual finger”, and to condemn someone…we are saved by grace, and you can be too.  God is doing a work in us, and changing our hearts to be more of a picture of HIS son.  It’s really not about “what would Jesus do” its more about doing it.  This video was like medicine to my heart!  I don’t have all the answers, and I am okay with telling you, “I don’t know”.  I know the One who does know all the answers, and I would love for you to know HIM too.  Christians are people…we live and we love, we laugh, and raise our kids, put our pants on the same as everyone else…we just have been forgiven, wouldn’t you like to be truly forgiven of things from the past?  It is totally freeing!! Its not about becoming a stuffy, better than everyone else, Sunday church clubber…Its so much more, and all good.  Jesus doesn’t discriminate…HE frees captives, and wants to free you.  If you want to know Christ, and have questions that you would rather keep private.  Then I suggest that you check out the link at Not Religion there are pages of questions and answers.  Being a Christian is not about religion, its about relationship with the only One who can help, who can free, who can save.  Why would HE?  HE loves you so much that HE sent HIS son to die to build a bridge to himself, so that you and I could come into fellowship (relationship) with HIM.  Awesome huh?


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Hope Stealers…just say NO

I have written about hope before…but it seems to me that if the enemy can steal your hope through well meaning people, he still has your hope..and what is a life without hope…

Has anyone recently tried to steal your HOPE? I am battling this right now, and the bottom line is NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY HOPE! HOPE is a gift from God and no one has the right to take it from you. It doesn’t matter if they are more educated or if they use 100 dollar words, God has not given them the right.

We all have gifts that the LORD has given to us, and we are different , because we serve a God who is happy with Diversity, and wants us to be the same. Accepting one another , and edifying each other is what we are sent out to do. (YES spreading the Gospel is our first goal) Fellowship with believers is encouragement to our souls, and we need it. It makes all the difference in how we respond to others. If our emotional needs are not met, it is hard (if not impossible) to reach out and help someone else. Jesus will meet those needs, and at times HE sends someone into your life to be HIS hands and feet, HIS voice…Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Believe that!

Its not my place to judge or to become prideful, as I look at others. Its my place to Love and to be an example of Jesus. I do think HE smiles on me, and that HE is not against me, HE is for me. I believe the same for you. HE is not standing around thinking of how HE can mess up your day, or how HE can trap you in a corner and demand submission. HE does want us to be submissive, but what I have found to be true in my life is this same submission is motivated by Love. The more I come to know HIM the more I love HIM, and in return the more I want what HE wants.

What is the purpose of having so much knowledge that you can not communicate with people? There is no love in making someone feel lesser or dumb, or that they have no place near you as you have risen above them. What good is it to have gifts and not have love? The Bible says they are useless. When I finish this journey, I want to see HIM face to face, and I do not want to hear…I never knew you. I want to hear, “well done” , and that is the journey I am on, believing that I will hear that, and knowing that if I can not show love, then I am lacking in the area that is dominant. I need more Jesus in my life, in my heart and on my lips.

Jesus showed compassion to the people. Love. HE loved them, and they did not know HIM yet. The ones that HE showed anger to, and divided were the Pharisees, and Saducees….I don’t want to become so intelligent that it becomes my salvation, and a right to treat people with less respect. I was one of those people that Jesus touched with compassion, and I know HE broke through a heart of stone, and taught it to love, and to trust HIM. I love the life I have with HIM, and I don’t want the other. So, NO YOU CAN NOT TAKE MY HOPE! MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD. AND I WILL NOT BE MOVED!






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Christians rant? WHAT!

We can debate theologies til we are blue in our face or til Jesus comes!  Would someone please tell me what does it serve, or better who does it serve?  The great commissioning doesn’t say anything about it, and I am guessing that once we have fullfilled the original plan then we can have at it. 

But where is the Love? Where is the hope?  Where is the faith? sometimes we honestly have to accept things, and believe that God knows and HE has a plan… Sometimes we cause more pain instead of healing, and most of the time we forget that someone may be listening or watching our carelessness, who may very well be on the edge of believing. What are we portraying in our everyday lives, in our blogs, and in our humor? 

I want to portray Jesus in all that I do.  Even in my blog… I am not a follower of Matthew Henry, I am not a follower of Calvin, I am not a follower of who ever else may be used for debate…I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and child of GOD, and for the record…GOD is not silent, and if you ask HIM, I believe HE will tell you what you need to know for today, and the Holy Spirit will guide and teach you what you need to learn in the HIS perfect timing.

OUTREACH- so many are writing about it, and honestly are you doing it? or just telling others how they should?  Sitting home and blogging about it doesn’t constitute doing anything, unless of course you are called to instruct…mmmmm

YES christians, Christ followers are human, we screw up, we live life like every one else..we repent, we are forgiven..and sometimes we rant!


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Westboro Baptist Church, Topeka, KS is WRONG!

I am fed up and sick of sitting by while groups like this totally trash the faith I have.  It’s hard work to walk this thing out, and harder to make good choices.  I am not perfect and I have no stones to throw at anyone.  It’s by the grace of God that I live and breathe.  Who is this group and what gives them the right to interpret the Word in such a negative manner, and why do we not speak up? I don’t get it.  We disagree with this Phelps message yet we sit silent as the ones around us get the message that God hates them.  That is the biggest lie, and the one that will turn anyone off, even me! If you google search the name of this church you will get something you never dreamed would be on a church page…and if you google “God” you will be surprised as to what you find.  Westboro baptist church of Topeka KS can be found make sure you are sitting for this…I am not sure you are ready…but here goes.. I told you that you were not ready for this!  Go to and read the news article and how the media covered their Hate/Christianese example.  If nothing else will get us off the couch and doing something in the name of Jesus to reach our friends and neighbors, even our family members…then this should get us moving in the right direction.  People need to see a different Christian/Christ follower.  This is one community and it is speaking for all believers.  For crying out loud!! I am not part of that thinking and I am not one of them!

A friend of mine once commented here and said..if you want someone to see your faith, imagine a camera following you around 24/7, and televising it to all your worst critics.  That ought to motivate everyone. 

My apologies go out to all that have been hurt by this jerk and his church.  God does not hate you, HE loves you so much, and although that is hard to believe that is truth!   People of all walks of life are lumped into categories, do you (Christians) really want what this church is saying to reflect on you or your children?  Is this the God you serve or is HE we even know?

**Update** here are some more Christian/Christfollowers who are feeling this today too. (my HUBS)  share the love y’all! visit them and show a little love! thanks


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