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Don’t Think,… Surrender

(for whatever reason, this video will not post, but the link will take you to it, its only about 3 minutes long, you won’t regret losing those three minutes.)


After watching this short video, tears flowed…I did not lose my way, I was not being removed. God knows the plans HE has for me, and He can and will use me.  God is faithful, and He is God, what we know is so little in comparison to what He will reveal.

The place I thought God was taking me is not the place I am in. That tends to be a place of confusion for me. Working through some health issues, or resting in them would be a better description, this video came in my email. Spoken thru the one who mentored me through videos and studies. I am exactly where He planned for me to be.  God does not make mistakes.

For many years, God whispered to me “Believe me”, “my ways are not your ways”.  Now I have a new minds picture of what today looks like.  Again, I wait on Him.  Asking, “what can I do for you in this place”?

The Word God has given me today…

“Stay close, breathe me in, be ready with the gospel, and rest in me. I alone sustain you.”

(my One word is Surrender this year, now I get it…)


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Are we projecting Love?


It’s a new day! Another chance to start again! Another chance to love! Another chance to forgive. 

I read people by there eyes.  It’s always apparent if they are telling the truth, if they actually care what is being said.  It also shows if the compassion they are showing is self righteous or like Jesus.

I want the world to see Jesus in my eyes when they look on me.  Not only my actions, but a real heart/soul thing.

When I look in the mirror, I want to see what Jesus sees, what do you see when you look in the mirror? Is love in your eyes? 

Peace and Love, 

Live life to the fullest.



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King or Genie? (revisited)

It seems that we (and I include myself) forget that our God is righteous, Holy, pure, and loving. Dressed in Majesty, ruling not only the earth but the Heavens as well. We definitely have down the power that HE has, but seem to see HIM as a genie. How HIS heart must break when HE sees us totally blowing HIM off, and then asking HIM for miracles. As I pray to see things through HIS eyes, I am forced to look at my life first.

How would we respond to someone who only ever shows up to ask for money, or for us to help them out of rough spots? Knowing that the person will not even as much as talk to us otherwise? We would not respond well, we might even disregard that person. God doesn’t do that, HE continues to sit beside us and wait for us to acknowledge HIM. I believe that HIS heart breaks that we forget HIM so quickly in our lives, and that we compromise our relationship with HIM for momentary pleasures of this world. As my reading is in Isaiah this week, the picture of my culture is on the pages…this is not ancient history, we are repeating it. If we were exiles like Daniel, or the others, which kind would we be. Would we be angry with the Lord for not sparing us when we thought we were believing, and deserving of life without suffering, or would we be more like Daniel and believe that we must continue to walk in HIS light, and bow hearts and bodies to our KING, believing we are exactly where HE wants us to be for HIS glory? I am praying that I would be more like Daniel…remembering that if God allows pain and suffering to come to me, HE will be glorified in it, and therefore I am blessed!

While looking over my past recently, I am so very thrilled at the picture of Love that Jesus has shown me! Not only did HE love me through it all, HE takes the bad and makes it good! Amazing how HIS heart just doesn’t change. I saw a sign outside of a church recently that really spoke to me…”If you are feeling that God is far away, guess who moved?” God is good all the time, and HE never moves! Unshakeable!

So as we move into the weekend with all the pleasures this world offers, my goal is to just remember that HE is here, and not to be rude…talk to HIM, include HIM, and not entertain things that would cause HIM to sit outside to wait for me. HE is not a genie, HE is my KING, my best Friend, my Creator, and HE chooses to be with us.

Father forgive us for our ungrateful hearts, and change our hearts. Make us more like you, give us more of you and less of us. Help our unbelief, and remind us through the day of who we are in you, and who you are to us. Please don’t let this world desensitize us. Give us great hunger for your Word. How rude we have been when haven’t talk to you, and yet ask for so many things. We don’t deserve You, You freely give yourself. I am honored that you call me child, and have given me a new name…Please help us to be aware of the snares that are around us and to stay on the path that you have laid out for us…we want to stay in your shadow…the only shadow that provides Light! Love you love you love you, your princess

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Lessons from the Wall

Learning to trust God as a Father is easier to pass off in “Christianese” than it is to actually walk off.  Those who know my story, know I was raised by a Step father, and altho he wasn’t perfect, he did try to take care of me and my family.  But he could not fill the void.  God has filled that void..that longing I used to struggle with night and day.  There are many more aspects to understand in the trusting a Father. Especially one that can not be seen, one that sees a bigger picture than i could ever see. And one who has a plan that i don’t understand.

Believing God is where my spiritual journey has taken me.  So much zeal and walking in Faith, so in love with HIM.  Some of the huge steps in faith, in obedience to HIM, struggling to comply, seemed to leave me with hurt, fear, and alone in a Christian world that does not like broken people like myself.  After banging my head against this wall, HE began to show me things that blow me away.

here is just a few…but amazing to me all the same

* After being obedient in a tough situation, i felt abandoned by HIM.

* I pleaded with HIM for years to send me someone who thinks like this…these strong convictions..

*I tried to walk it out alone, and it honestly does not work

* a stronghold developing of prayerlessness, because of the bitterness that was setting in

* my life line of faith crumbling slowly

* where do i go from here?

I was obedient to HIM, and I was rejected by many, but not HIM.  HE brought me to a group of believers recently who accept me, and best of all…they have heard HIS voice too! They blow me away with just putting things out there week after week that is exactly what HE sent me to say, to put in place, to live.  An answer to my pleading prayers? i think so.  Still a little shy to step out there again.  Needing to believe HIM again, knowing that it doesn’t always turn out like i think.

Remembering CS Lewis “He is not always safe, but He is good”.

Lots to learn and put into practice here at the Wall.  More and more Father lessons, More and more sitting at HIS feet, More and more purifying to happen…


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Abortion, is it just a women’s battle?

A good friend of mine has posted on Abortion from a man’s perspective, responsibility, and seeking to prevent the reasons that women would do this.  Its refreshing to see men take their place, own what is theirs, and want to provide and protect their families.  Men I encourage you to take a look at these posts found here. Women , I encourage you to also read, and be encouraged by what God is doing.

What are your thoughts? Do men have anything at all to do with this? Can they make a difference? As these men take their place to make a difference, Women…its ultimately your choice.

Father God, i lift up our country to you. We have been silent while the slayings of innocent life is being condoned. You have knit together each one of those babies in the wombs of those women, you have a plan we can not fathom. At the same time you are not surprised by all this, and you knew we would make such terrible choices. Praising you for the way you are raising up the men, showing them how to make a difference, and ultimately giving women hope.  That is so like you to take a terrible situation and make it glorious. Your Princess who is elated to see you working in this area



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Studying the “Begats”-Abundant Grace

My dear Sister, Angela, has agreed to give us a study that she compiled for free! so there is no materials to buy, just your time…honestly we are all busy, and twenty minutes tops a day is very do-able.. I thank God for bringing this our way, and for allowing me to host it here on my blog. I will be posting Monday -Friday my findings, and please comment on any days that you can.  Try to comment at least once a week..we learn from each other..share your findings… ABUNDANT GRACE, by Angela Parsley

Ever wonder…why in the world did God find it necessary to list the “begats”? I used to skip those parts in my readings just because it really didn’t matter to me…more or less, lets just get on with it. Over the last few years, the greatest treasures that applied to me were found through the “begats”.

While learning to look a each name and research them in the Bible, a whole new world opened up.  These are actual people, they led actual lives, and mad actual bad choices, and through it all God used them to get where HE intended to be.  Amazing.

So many struggle with their identity in Christ, and what exactly that means.  So many times we fall into the thinking that we have just out sinned GOD’s love, forgiveness, and attention.  We are so wrong in that thinking.  It’s refreshing to look closer at these people.

As we step into this new study, I am hoping that we can see these “begats” as real live people, not superhuman, just people, that God choose to use as the family lineage for HIS son to come through.

If you would like to join in this study, email me and I will email you some home work to keep up to pace with us.  So excited! Let’s take a deeper look and understand that what we have been sliding past is where the treasure lies…

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