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Have you seen her?

You know,.. the girl who looks tattered and torn? Maybe covered in tatoos, maybe just not very easy on your eyes…I am sure you have seen her. My question is, how did you respond to her? or if you responded at all?

I wonder how many times Jesus has put her or him in our path and we choose to cross the street, or look else where.  Did it even cross our minds to make an eye connection with her/him, and maybe offer a friendly smile? Maybe even say “hey, how are you?” and then stand and listen, maybe offer to pray for them with them, maybe offer to take them to dinner, or invite them in for coffee, and try to extend a friendly hand?  Its hard I know…but what a terrible thing it would be if Jesus were disguised, and we rejected HIM..i think about things like that. 

I don’t think its good or cool to just ignore these people and call our selves blessed, and go home and write check to our favorite ministry, or sign up for a missions trip and forget the person we pass on the way to the grocery store who holds a sign …”will work for food” don’t have to leave the US to find them, they are here.  (no kick on missions trips – love them, love the hearts God sends on them) Just wondering…why there are so many stickers and shirts and hats with “what would Jesus do” and not many looking like Jesus?  maybe they are not telling us they know, maybe they don’t know what Jesus would do…just my brain….



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What are you reading?? or watching…

You do realize we are responsible for alot of what goes into our minds and eventually becomes a normal thought process?  So I thought I would check in with all my peeples and see just what are you reading and watching..

I will go first..

reading – I Dare You, by J.Meyers

reading-Esther in the Bible , by GOD, and studying under Beth Moore for this one.

watching- guilty of Fox News channel, but limiting it to an hour a day, or I could just hang with them all day.

Okay..your turn!!


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Fun Friday Frenzie-Do You Like…?

Sorry this week i have been overwhelmed with things that need done, and i have neglected my blog and my readers..please forgive me..i will try harder this coming week 😉 

New game today…

I will start it with a “Do you like…”, and the next person will answer, and leave the next “Do you like..” Hopefully we will find out lots about each other, or we will laugh hysterically at what some may think up! Either way is good!! remember..keep it clean and family friendly..other than that..all chaos is welcomed! Have a Fun Friday Frenzie on me, K?


Do you like to clean up leaves in the yard (you have no tree)?


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I read this on a brothers blog, and found it to disturb something deep with in me.  Because I was once under the same thought of what the word “Christianity” actually meant.  A person who does not know Jesus, would honestly think that we are not loving, we are not extending grace, and we are some elite little club.  Could not be further from the truth!  “Christianity” means that I am a follower of Jesus Christ, it means that everything in my life is to line up with HIS teachings, and What the Bible has to say about my day to day life, which includes how I treat others.  I have also experienced hurt from the “Christian” church, not everytime i have encountered it but it has happened.  DO NOT take that to mean following Christ is learning to be down grading or demeaning to others, its is actually the opposite. Thank you Brother Johnny for this writing.  Even if you read this and don’t agree, take a minute to pray for those that have been touched by a mock christianity, a self serving , and powerful thinking. Pray they will find the TRUTH of following Jesus. 


Where did you come from, why are you here? 

Why does your name cause pain in my…ear?

Who is your leader, what is your cause?

Who wrote your ordinances, who thought up your laws?

How can I escape you, where can I hide?

Could even Jesus protect me from your dominion so wide?

How great is this monster, how complex this machine!!

How mighty and awesome is this frightening thing!!

You twist and you turn and put on a new face,

You push your agenda and sell your cheap grace.

Like a vortex of death leading straight to insanity,

Where did you come from, oh where, Christianity?


(poem written by BrotherJohnny, and gave me permission to keep this. THANKS! Brother)


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Question time!

You leave a question you want to know about me, or in general.  I will try to answer them, honestly. Or if they are in general, if I don’t know them, I will come up with something!  🙂  

remember i have children so keep it clean..


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If you could..what would you?

If you could help one person today, what would you do?

If you could change one thing in your life, what would you change?

If you could have five minutes with the President, what would you tell him?

If you could have any job in the world, what would you pick?

If you could make a difference today in the economy, what would you propose?

Answer one or all, and offer up another if you could, would you?


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