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Okay, I am keeping the rest




Some of the pink turned dark pink/redish…but in the light..definitely some pink through it..LOL  So tell me what do you think??  I love it…but it was a shock to me at first.. now I love how easy it is to care for….But I am done now…no more cutting hair for a while…it needs a chance to grow now.


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Black- the new Pink



New Do again??  YES but this time my girls decided this would look good on me.  Of course I had to add some redish pink highlights, and the underside in the back…PINK!   I stepped out from behind my long hair…and hope it doesn’t redefine me!  I like me..naaaaa I am still me…So here is ME!!  just had to share with my family on line…



Tried to get the glittery shine out of the pictures…and no can do! soooo that means we have to deal with the fact that I shine like the stars!  LOL  (just kidding really)


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