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Knowing that I need to redo this blog…I am bored with its appearance, soooo I am looking at different ideas…No idea what I want! The Holidays always wipe me out, and wondering …

-How long does it take you to come out of the Holiday blah syndrome?

-Do you have a new plan to attack this new year, or do you just take it as it comes?

-Do you long for normalcy after holidays?

-Have you ever forgotten what day it is? ( I did this yesterday)

-Are you a Christ Follower?

-Do you attend church, why or why not?

-I need a new game to play although acryonms and writing stories on FIF is still my favorite…I need ideas..

Okay, I am in a post Holiday slump..I have my blanky, I have my spot on the couch, I have no plans today(and I don’t want any), I have way to many random questions. Looking at you to give me some ideas and solutions…yah, for real…


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Okay, I am keeping the rest




Some of the pink turned dark pink/redish…but in the light..definitely some pink through it..LOL  So tell me what do you think??  I love it…but it was a shock to me at first.. now I love how easy it is to care for….But I am done now…no more cutting hair for a while…it needs a chance to grow now.


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Its Friday again and I love this game that is why we are playing it, or at least I hope you still want to play it.

Type a word for each letter of the word given to you by the person before you (LOL my english Lit and comp teacher would have a fit reading that!)  I think you all know what I mean..  Don’t forget to bounce back and forth and play with Tam too…don’t know what she is playing this week, but I am sure it will be fun.

Example:  W.O.R.D.






Okay? got it?   word to start this week 



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FRIDAY!!!….(by darla’s blog)

I can not take one more deep discussion that requires me a dictionary…no problem with learning..just dang! my brain is over amped…and fridays are made for fun..and laughter..and I am out to get me some of that!!!  so tell me…what are all you brainy people doing tonight for fun?

here is something that just makes me laugh…no real reason..don’t understand why..don’t anaylze me, I am just the blog!  why does Darla think blog-jacks are funny? why does she find this video hysterical? ( i actually found it in her archives LOL along with the animaniacs, and others that are too embarrassing to admit that she finds funny)


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Saturday-Love it!

Because Saturday comes before Sunday (yes, I am a smrt one), I like to get things done so that Sunday is funday, full of rest, family, and reflection on the many blessings God pours out on me.  HE has asked us to keep one day aside for HIM, so although we could debate the saturday/sunday which is the sabbath…I choose Sunday due to its the day I go to church.  (wow that was a bunny all still with me?)

Here are some things I did today?

I made some chili sauce from tomatoes from my Mil’s garden, so of course I had to make homemade chili! and what is chili without cornbread?  Yes, Hubs has a happy belly now.

My hubs works a lot of hours, and plays in two bands not including the praise team at church…Love him, but it doesn’t look like I do…with that hair so wild and looking like he crawled out of bed two seconds ago…

YUP! I shaved his head…I love it! Mr. Clean is my favorite!  He really does like it, and it was his idea…I have done this before.  I just love some bald men..if I didn’t drink so much coffee, I would try the straight edge..but I am thinking I should leave that to the professionals.

Went shopping for household things, and had frappicinos with my Trina, and some light cleaning…

Now I need to make a seating chart for elementary kids (61 on my elementary bus), they really need a seat, and I really  need to know all their names. Seems I only ever know the naughty ones…and a couple of the quiet ones…this week I am going to know them all! Yes, simple things make me happy!  Home made food, shaving hubs head, and seating kids so I can find them. 

What did you do today?


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Define Godly

Really, I want to know what you think is Godly.  I want to know what you think it looks like.  And I want to know who you picture as Godly, someone you know, or has taught you..personally.  I don’t think you can be wrong here, unless of course you pick someone anti-God and call them Godly.  All comments are welcome!  I will come back later and give my thoughts as well.


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