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The Holy Fragrance of Christmas

Born in a lowly manger, a brilliant star heralded the announcement that the King of Kings, the Promised Messiah had come!   Wise Men followed that star, and brought their gifts to worship Him.  Their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh are here for us today as symbols, gifts that are developed in our life, to place before the King, as our holy (fragrant) offering.


Gold – Represents the divine nature.  As gold is the highest, most precious metal, so the divine nature is the highest nature, the only nature having immortality.

It also represents our faith; being more precious than gold.  According to the Scriptures, 1Peter 1:6-7  “In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, so that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ”.


What makes your faith more precious than gold?  Does it come in its purest form at the onset of salvation? Or is it tried and formed and developed over the years, by various trials and tribulations? 


In my book, “The Waiting Room” I share the extraordinary events of our family’s journey,.  It is due to the synergy of prayer mixed with the power of God’s love through our trials, that our faith has grown and developed as pure gold. 


 “Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing..”  James 1:3-4


If I were to present my gift of gold before my King this Christmas, what would I be offering? 


I started my journey of following the Bright Morning Star, Jesus, over thirty years ago, and through the years the hills and valleys have taught me well.  My faith has been tested, has been tried, and has kept me solid on the Rock of Jesus Christ.  Not because of anything I did, but because of Who Jesus is.  My faith is not my own, it’s His gift to me.  All I’ve done is nurture and develop my faith; by using every gift He’s given me.  The Holy Gifts such as: encouragement, prayer, love, friendship, reconciliation, and more.  And so this Christmas, I bring before my King, the precious gift of gold like faith…my fragrant offering. 


Frankincense – An emblem of prayer, a fragrant aroma to God.  A website reference for study: The Revelation of Jesus Christ states: “Prayer is the closest we can come to the presence of God, and it can be reached only through Jesus.   As the sweet incense [Jesus’ obedience] ascends into the Most Holy, the presence of God, so through Jesus, the devotional life of the church, their praises and prayers, ascend as sweet fragrance to God.”


Are you using the gift of frankincense and permeating the atmosphere of your heart through prayer?

  The heart is God’s dwelling place, have I prepared mine to be a fragrant aroma to Him?  My heart yearns to present this gift before my Heavenly Father as a gift of thanks and worship, for all He has done and given to me.


Myrrh –  Used for the anointing ointment for the dead, it has come to be known as a symbol of suffering  and sorrow.

  It is a gum which oozes from the branch, extracted from a tree.  It is bitter in flavor, but has medicinal uses and is also fragrant when combined with other spices.  Added to frankincense, (prayer symbol) it is a beautiful fragrance, used for anointing.

Prayer turns all bitter things sweet. 


See, the bitterness of the myrrh (sorrows of life) can be difficult to swallow; this is why we need Jesus, (the Tree) to turn the bitter waters sweet.  (Story of Marah* see below)

When I add Jesus to the bitter drink of my cup, I am able to drink freely, with peace and I feel His love.  I am free to respond to life with the sweet gifts of the Spirit, a choice I’ve repeatedly made.  “For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”  Corinthians 3:17. 

Let the oil extracted from the tree,  become the myrrh of sweet anointing: your gift of liberty!


How?  When you think about a holy gift to present to the King of Kings, consider your gifts:  Your faith (Gold), your prayers (Frankincense) and  your sufferings (Myrrh) your fragrant offering!


Shalom, and Holy Christmas!

Carrie George

An Ordinary Woman who serves an Extraordinary God!


 (thank you Carrie for being a guest writer, and for introducing us to your book, I am excited to read it as there are many times in this life when we need the reminder of our Comforter as well as recieving comfort..thank you!) 


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Blogged Bible Study – John 21

Its always a little sad when another study ends, and this week I end two.  My womens study ended, and now this one will end.  A lot of learning, alot of applying, and alot input from many different people.

Often I have wondered through different ideas of why Peter said “I’m going fishing” and then returned to his old life as a fisherman.  Through out the commentaries, not many agree with each other which leaves me to the conclusion that no one knows the mind of Peter, except for the Lord.

Take a few minutes and read through John 21.

In John 21:1-8 , Jesus is on the beach looking on to Peter and a few other disciples (similiar to when He approached them the first time), and HE enquires if  they have caught anything..HE already knew. (So HE wasn’t asking for himself to know) He instructed them to put the net down on the other side, after their obedience..the net was full.  Obedience. 

I have always found this interesting that the fish were already cooking on the shore..Jesus already had some, and was serving them yet again. Amazing!

John 21:15-19 ,Then I look at the converstation with Jesus and Peter…three types of Love is asked about..and although many stop here and explain as well as they can…I think again only Peter really knew what the heart point that Jesus was was all apart of Peters restoration.

John 21:19-25 , This is the part of the chapter that always stings my heart.  Jesus tells Peter what is laying ahead for him as he  follows HIM, and Peter looks at a fellow believer/follower, and says “What about him?”  Isn’t that just like us to concern ourselves with what the Lord is going to do with and through another?  Jesus reply was direct, to the point, and may have even sounded harsh..”What is that to you?”  I have had my share of times when I wondered the same…and had those same words come back to me..”what is that to you?”. 

This chapter sums up some things for me in my daily walk.

1. Obedience, abundance of joy, abundance of whatever I am needing for each moment, requires my obedience to what Jesus has already said…self application.

2.  My total restoration is part of the following and loving the Lord as I should, and spreading the gospel of knowing HIM.

3. Don’t make it my concern what others may be doing or not doing, all that matters is that I am going what GOD has told me, and my eyes are on HIM and not any other brothers/sisters, as they have thier own walk with the Lord, and me..I have enough to do what I am supposed to.

4.  My posts will never be conclusive as there is just to much to take in and to write..”the world would not be big enough to hold all the many things that Jesus did while here on earth”..Amazing!

(don’t forget to check out the others this week )


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Meet Carrie George…


Carrie George is the author of “The Waiting Room”, and has a blog that has just encouraged my heart so many times.  I want to share her with you. She is an incredible writer, and I have been so blessed to begin to know her.  She is having a problem with getting her comments open, so if you have an idea how to help her, leave her a comment in her “contact” field, Or just the beautiful words of encouragement that you all do so well.

The reason I would like you to go and read and get to know her, first of all she is your sister in Christ. Second, she has written something extremely beautiful for this blog that will appear on Tuesday.  As I read her writing for here, I became overwhelmed with how God had provided and inspired something so perfect for us. 

Go on Carrie!


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Blogged Bible Study – John 20

First, let’s not forget what happened in John 19.  Let your imagination take you to this place. As one of the spectators, or as a believer…watching as Jesus is put to death. It appears that everything may have been a lie, devastation, fear for the believers. For the spectators, surely the sky turned dark and the earth shook as God the Father turned his face away from HIS only son as HE took on our sin…the wrath of God was being satisfied.  The word spread quickly that the curtain in the temple seperating the commoner from the Holy of Holies was ripped from the top down.  As a mortal person, if in that time and place, I would have thought that God had left us.  As I thought about that, I wonder if the enemy did a dance and thought he had won the battle too.  I wonder if he screamed in terror as Jesus rose from the dead…

As you read John 20, remember these are people who have just gone through the worst nightmare, and the reality of it was they would not be waking up from it.

The female in me loves that Jesus appeared to a woman first, at a time when women really didn’t have any clout or standing. That fact alone is very sweet to me.  (v. 15-17)

Go quickly and see the disciples who managed to stay together, yet locked themselves in a room.  Oh I can just about feel their brokenness. Enter Jesus, no knock on the door, no key to open it, just walked right into the room..Appeared.  (v. 19-23 )  Jesus told them “Peace be with you”, and told them “as the Father has sent me, I send you”,  and HE breathed on them and said “recieve the Holy Spirit”.  None of the things I read while studying this mentioned how they responded…Shock is a good possiblity since they had been through so much. 

Jesus returns to the room at a different time, 8 days later..back in the room, door locked still…a lock door always speaks fear to me.  And this time HE seeks out Thomas who is in unbelief. (before we start to throw anything at Thomas, remember what he has been through, and how much less we have been through and still unbelief sets in)  Jesus showed compassion and patience with Thomas (this does my heart good), and while speaking to Thomas, HE spoke a message for you. Incredible huh?

26Eight days later, his disciples were inside again, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were locked, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you.” 27Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side. Do not disbelieve, but believe.” 28Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” 29Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”


Jesus is the only ONE to ever raise from the dead, there are no other gods in all the world that people bow to who are alive!  And at the most crucial moment in showing himself risen to the disciples, HE mentioned you and I..”Blessed are those who believe and have not seen”

“up from the grave he arose,

with a mighty triumph o’er his foe…

lives forever with his saints to reign..

He arose!  He arose! Hallelujah Christ arose”  AMEN?

(don’t forget to go check out the others in the Blogging Bible Study this week..I am excited to see what they write for this chapter , so much to dig in to! )


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Worship with me…

We worship God because HE is the only one worthy of all our praise, and HE is so patiently waiting for us to come and adore HIM, and to lift up our hearts to HIM. Yes HE knows..HE wants to hear you and I say it!


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Blogged Bible Study – John 19 (Prophesy fulfilled)

As we enter the Holiday Season, there is no better time to look at the crucifixion of Christ.  Christmas is not about a cuddly baby in a manager scene (although I have mine out also).  Its about God fulfilling Prophesy, and showing us that HE will do what HE says HE will do. THe plan of GOD to redeem us, and save us from certain death, eternal torment, from our wicked ways.  No greater love, huh?


Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a child is born, for unto us a son is given…


Luke 2: 4-7  the baby is born..


Isaiah 52: 13-15, 53  He will be lifted up, HE will be beat and unrecognisable, dispised, crushed for our inquities, punishment that brought us peace will be upon HIM, by HIS wounds we are healed…like a sheep to the words of rebellion, no words of deceit..God’s will to crush HIM for our sin..redemption is promised…


John 19:30  “it is finished”

Oh Dear one, let this settle down into the very depths of your heart.  Long before your family tree was a seedling, you were chosen by the King of Kings, and if you are struggling with believing GOD in your life for whatever you are needing..or whatever HE said that you feel in not applied to you..God always comes through, and HE is believable…HE did what HE said in this chapter of John, and HE will do everything that HE has said…So many read this and say, “How barbaric!” but the prophesy needed to be fulfilled..Because God does what HE says..and there is truly no greater love than this.

As we celebrate the coming holidays, remember it was the Prophesy beginning to unfold, there is not alot of prophesy to unfold yet, but make no mistake, it will.  And Jesus will return for the ones who believe, the ones the Father has already given to HIM, and the crucifixion will show the great need we have had all along for this prophesy to be fulfilled.  Thank you Jesus for being obedient even to death on a cross..and being the Way the Truth and the Life…Precious!

(please read through the scripture listed above, as I have only given a summary of blessed…HE loves you so! please read the other entries of this chapter in the “Carl’s Blogged Bible Study”  Peace)


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