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Priorities, Changes, Oh My!

No walls this time, but definitely a fork in the road.  One is a little rocky, and not too pleasant to the eye, but the other is closed.  So I am taking the only road I can.  Maybe its just the “unknown” factor that makes this new road less appealing….

I have allergies.  They cripple my lifestyle to an extent.  I have to be careful how much time I spend outside, My AC runs constantly  to filter the allergens in my home. There is no medication that brings me 100% relief.  The medication I do take is the same as a car payment every month.  

God has blessed me with a job that works with all this. No weekends, and no summers, unless I feel up to a day here or there.

Why am I sharing this? I really don’t want to.  I keep it to myself and try to be as healthy as I can.  My allergies are getting worse.  They cause me to have sinus migranes, and literally make me sick. My symptoms are heart pounding, shortness of breath, head pounding, and stomach turning.  I have no warning when that will happen, and whatever plans I may have made come to an immediate halt.  Overall, when telling someone that I can not participate in an activity, I get the “look”.  I have become a person that many can not count on.  Its heart breaking, and disappointing to say the least. Tiring in trying to explain.

After struggling with all this means to my life, and having lots of conversations with God on this matter, I am believing that He wants something else from me. Outreach can come to my door, and He has shown me that.  I don’t know where all this is going…don’t know if I am supposed to return to writing.  But I do know that my family is a gift from God.  I want to use my energies in being a good wife, and a good mom, and the best Mimi I can be. 

I do love my church, and I get there as often as I can.  Opening a new chapter to my life….

Priorities, Changes, Oh my!   So glad God knows what He is doing, I am just going to rest in HIM.



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I Met a BADGUY at the Macaroni Grill!

Badguy at the Macaroni Grill

Badguy at the Macaroni Grill

don't we just look like family? we are...muahahaha

don't we just look like family? we are...muahahaha

Last night we met up with Badguy in Harrisburg at the Macaroni Grill. FUN! I love how blogging has made a family that is so real and awesome! Although its been more than a year since i started blogging with this gentleman, I seriously felt like I know him well enough to get my hug! haha those who know me know…i love to hug!

Dinner was Fab, and the company was even better, and the plan is on for the 4th weekend of July (which is just a couple weeks away), so excited! If you do not know who this Badguy is go here, and if you do not know the HUBS (Praise365) go here

I am soooo hoping for Ric and Christian to also be able to come to the blogging get together at Bad’s…Anyone else!?!?  Deb’s will be here, and yes she is going! Alot I will miss tho, wish y’all would be here too!


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I Need A Game! STAT!

This week has barely started and I already am finished with it in my mind.  But laughter and a good game is always good medicine for me! SO you wanna play a game?

I will start the game with a word, and you can change one letter and scramble the other letters to make a different word. Then the next person will do the same..sounds easy? play as many times as you want…or you will come here and I will play by myself, because I NEED a game!

(leave a link to where I might find others playing games..i am seriously in NEED)

 starting with     GAME


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