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Sour Patch Kids (Jesus loves them)

For the last 4.5 months I have been transporting 7 boys to an Alternate Education, similar to Juvenile/school.  They have been kicked out of school. The youngest was in 9th grade, the oldest in 11th.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go.  They are with me an 1.25 hours each way.  I heard lots of discouraging things about these boys.  But I took the keys, and decided…if God brings me to it, God will see me thru it.

It took a short time for us to get a mutual understanding that this is what it is.  I explained to them I will respect them, they need to respect me.  They are capable of being sour little goofballs, and then just kids with sweet hearts.  So I named them “sour patch kids”.  

They are aware I call them that, and they like it! hahaha  On fridays, I throw them bags of Sour Patch Kids.  They call me “busdriver”, “sic”, “legit”….on most days they say good morning, and have a good day…thats alot for these boys.   I have not had any problems with them. I try to be intentional always, a smile, use their name, try to be a safe person to be with.  Funny, that is on my heart with them, when others see them as the unsafe.  Altho I can not speak of my belief system to them, I believe that kindness and repect will linger.  God’s kindness leads us to repentance.

Yummmmm sour patch kids…. Jesus loves them too.



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Beach bound

Life has been rushing me…i hate that.  But when the curse of this world starts to be over bearing…i have always run to the water…love it!  the coolest part is… God’s small voice always seems clearer to me there…so off we go…staying a week…totally unplugged


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Seize the Day

Its not enough to just walk through the day and to just think at its end, “that’s it! nothing more!”  We tend to forget to seize the day! Be intentional..Looking for what God is doing around us, and anticipating that one person HE may put in your path who is ready to know HIM.  When we do this, we are never disappointed, and not at all weary at the end of the day.  Kingdom living, be intentional, spend time with HIM, and keep the conversation open all day long. Seizing that moment when someone just looks at you and needs a smile, or “hey how you doing?” then wait for them to respond, not walk on by.

I know our schedules are crazy at times, but we serve a GOD who doesn’t run out of time, and when I actually do these things, my day comes together in a supernatural way. One more thing for me to stand of awe about at the end of the day.

Go on now! get out there and just ask someone “Do you know my Jesus?”


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