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Trembling in HIS Presence

Its been a while since I felt the presence of God rest on me, just like there was nothing else there, and even the air I was taking in was all HIM, so intense that it caused me to tremble.  Yes, partly because I know how unworthy I am to be in HIS presence, but bigger than that…the Presence of my Holy God, HIS holiness, and my reverence for all that means, and what I have yet to learn.  Today, I was stretched to the point of fear, and knowing that I really shouldn’t fear, but I need to move forward and be obedient.  I chose obedience.  I am getting ready to start a study about Idolatry in our modern world. The more I dig, the more I fear. 

Lately I have been up against a rock and hard place, and wondering if I made a mistake in taking this on, did I not hear HIM correctly, alot of self-doubt, and alot of nothing more than excuses..and I have been bringing them before my Holy God.  This morning I asked some good friends who love the Lord to just pray for me today.  I left home feeling nervous, anxious, and literaly shaking inside.  WHY? more self doubt set in..Our message today was on Idolatry!  I was sitting there and listening to my Pastor very intently, and thinking…we are so far from where we are supposed to be…more self doubt set in…who am I to think I can begin to teach this, me … I have a GED, business school/economics major, mechanical engineering classes…no Bible college- and this Pastor is a Dr, and teaches pastors…that is when it happened…

I felt HIM rest on me, and I trembled. HE spoke to my heart and calmed me, and re enforced, I am teaching this class.  HE does not fail me.  My spiritual being is ready to follow, my flesh is terrified.  I have experienced this before, not on this level.  I think it is the message of the study that is gripping at me.  “No other gods”  He means it! 

Today, I take a vow before my King…NO other gods, I will be faithful. 

(thanks for your prayers! which one of you called the presence of God on have answered prayer)


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Worship One and serve another?

Isreal was taken captive by the Assyrians 722 BC, and priests of different religions were placed among them.  The people soon had many different gods, but the sons of Isreal spoke of thier God, and how HE had sent lions among the people because they did worship/fear the one true God.  So they were sent to teach the others, but something strange happened.  Now there is a huge nation who fear God but serve many other idols.  You can read the entire account in 2 Kings 17:7-40.

 32They also feared the LORD and appointed from among themselves priests of the high places, who acted for them in the houses of the high places. 33They feared the LORD and served their own gods according to the custom of the nations from among whom they had been carried away into exile.

38“The covenant that I have made with you, you shall not forget, nor shall you fear other gods. 39“But the LORD your God you shall fear; and He will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.” 40However, they did not listen, but they did according to their earlier custom. 41So while these nations feared the LORD, they also served their idols; their children likewise and their grandchildren, as their fathers did, so they do to this day.

As I have been studying for my class (to start in October), I have been brought back to these verses over and over again.  In the Western culture that I live in, we may not have a shelf full of statues that we bow to every day, but we most definitely serve other gods.  Whether that be “people pleasing”, addictions, vehicles, posessions, style, how about our children? mmmm I know I have fell into that a few times, only to be called out to lay them down, and say Blessed be thy name LORD. 

Wondering what you all may think about these verses? Have we been carried away to our own type of exile…strongholds…?  Did you even know it was possible to fear God and serve other gods?  Has our lifestyle been handed down through generations, and we believe that it is all okay?  HE said there shall be NO other gods….I believe HE means it as well today as when HE said it the first time. 


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Who is really on the Throne?

5,137,567 -big number and most likely not conclusive.  This is the number of pics that come up on the web in a search for “God”.  There are gods represented in these pics that I have never heard of, and their works have not reached my ears.  But they are gods.  Some pics are pics of Bibles, crosses, and some are man’s attempt to visualize a god that can’t be visual with our eyes.  Spiritual eyes…maybe..but I am sure that only heaven has seen HIS face due to the fact that “if anyone see my face, it would kill him” so HE tends to show HIS glory more often then we see godly men laying around dead.

In my search for idols, I have realized how very laxed I have become, and how much we take for granted our freedom in Christ.  I used to teach 5-6 grade children, and teaching them how God wants to be on the throne in your heart.  I just wonder, have we at times become so wise that we have forgot to check who is on the throne in our heart.  It seems to vary.  When did we stop fearing HIM? or reverencing HIM?  I think about how we would not be so bold in a face to face with any King in this world, we would be quiet, we would be fearful of our fate as it lays in his hands, and we would most likely be agreeable (at least appearing to be).  Our God is the KING over all Kings, how much more should HE recieve from us.  As HIS children we are told that we can come boldly to HIS throne and ask anything.  I fear today that all too often we take the right as children and go boldly into HIS throne room, and behind our backs we hold the things HE has told us to leave behind, the real rulers of our hearts.  I think we mock our God when we do this, and this morning it scared me.  HE won’t be mocked.  Don’t mistake kindness for weakness!  HE is all powerful, all knowing, an all consuming fire, and we are before HIM night and day, and our fate does lie in HIS hands.  HE is jealous.  That doesn’t sit will with some, and well..its the WORD.  Carl has an excellent post that he re-posted on EL KANA/ Qana-God is Jealous.  Its not about the same jealousy that rips relationships apart, it is a holy jealousy, because HE does love us, and HE is working to spare us the outcome of other gods.

Look at the ten commandments, and think about what happens to a person when just one is not kept.  Surely that is not God, that is mans choice to not obey.  If you do this…you will make a list of all the problems this world is facing.  From Aids to wars, to families without daddys, uncontrolled anger…and the list looks like the evening news.  I can’t blame any of this on my God, HE gave us a guideline, and a choice.  HE is jealous for us to know HIM, to obey HIM, and to have HIS rightful seat on the throne of our heart.

Father GOD, once again today I start out in repentance for the idols that have crowded in your throne room, again I lay them on your altar.  I am in total agreeance with you, you are God and there is no other.  Please continue to guide me through this day, and continue to throw flags that hit like bricks so that I am aware, and can begin this process ot ridding myself of them. I know you will help me. but like so many others that came before me, you require for me to tear them down. I want you on the throne in my heart, nothing behind my back, nothing hidden.  Thank you that you are jealous for me, and only your love for me keeps me from being consumed in your fire.  Giving you back this day, and praying that everything I say and do will honor and glorify you.  Your princess, who really wants to walk into your throne room and not see any false gods lined up around you.  I adore you. 


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Pressing on…towards what?

I believe that as a child of God , I am holy and dearly loved, a holy priesthood to spread the knowlege of knowing HIM.  I believe that I am the bride of Christ.  I believe that I am the apple of HIS eye.  I believe that HE is always good, and always at work in my best interest to look more like HIS son, in character.  I could go on..and yes each one mentioned above is scriptural…and to all believers..all part of our identity in Christ.  Knowing these things is one thing(and important for me to  know), but believing them with my heart is another thing completely. This is where the battle of the mind takes place.  It is critical to my walk to be careful what I take into my mind, it is critical that I don’t take part in things that are not praiseworthy.  Not because I am “holier than thou”, because I want Jesus to be what you see in me, and not me at all.  If I take part in crude joking, to the non-believer there will be no Jesus shining through it.  If I gossip about someone else…again  no Jesus in that. 

Michelle has an awesome post up right now on Guarding the Heart, and it is exactly what God has been talking to me about the last couple of weeks.  If you haven’t read it, go and read. 

My goal that I am pressing on … is to be more like Jesus, a pic of Ephesians, I John, and to be the bride in Revelations ready for her bridegroom-and overcomer.  Peace.


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Serving Idols

II Kings 17: 33/41  both verses reference worshipping God and serving other gods/idols…(a study by Kelly Minter- No Other Gods-is built off these verses, and worth a look)

I have been on a thought pattern for sometime, and it coincides with idol worship.  The first commandment is “Thou shalt have no other God’s before me”.  My thoughts are running to-how many other gods do we have, and what is thier purpose in our lives?  Is it unbelief that creates them?  I am leaning towards it is unbelief..but before anyone jumps to their feet and stomps off…I am not accusing anyone, as I have my own issues.  So work through this with me…

If we are motivated by anything other than God, that makes that one thing an idol..we may not worship it, but we serve it.  How about just the way we dress?, or the way we obsess over things we don’t have? or maybe things we do have that we hold so dearly to us?  just my thoughts this morning…what do you think about idols in a modern world? They aren’t usually statues in the western world, they are usually more subtle.

Father God, we fall upon your mercy, we are worshipping you and serving other gods.  We desperately need you to show us each one, and then help us to know how to tear it down.  We need your guidance, and we need soft hearts to agree with you.  Please take your place on the throne of our hearts, and may everything that appeals to us, automatically take a seat behind you.  Forgive us for the way we reach out to things of this world, all the while knowing you are the Only One who is worthy of our worship and service.  Your child that shudders at the thought of idols subtly creeping into my life.


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