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Would you please pray…

Our community and family would be honored to have your prayers at this time.  

On Sunday, a 15 year old boy committed suicide in our community, he was in the same graduating class as Trina. Although she does not know him personally, it is hard on all.  What makes a young boy so hopeless? I could think of several things. Sad. I am praying for his family and peers, as well as the ones who are still contemplating this as a solution. This hit me like a ton of bricks, and I just know what his family is feeling and going through. Please pray for them to know the LORD, for someone to come along side them and offer them HOPE.

Today my cousins son, Aaron 12 years old is having his second heart surgery, he is my sons best friend. The doctors don’t offer much hope, it’s 50/ will either correct his problem, or it will end with a designated amount of time for him to live. Aaron and his family are believers, and we are believing for the best, and still God’s will.  Even though I never understand God’s thinking..I am learning to accept it.  Still having trouble explaining that to a 13 year old, and praying I won’t have to. My GOD is the great Heart Physician, HE designed this heart for a reason, and HE can also correct it… SO could you all give up some prayers for these situations in my life today. I am so burdened for both.

Thank you for your prayers, and leave me something I can pray for you today. Praises are more than welcomed here..I would love to get some praise on!


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This has been my Struggle

There has been an intense struggle the last few months.  Its over.  My thinking was twisted, due to following man rather than God. Sounds harsh….but the truth is, my own longing to belong to the body of Christ, and my own thinking on what that is exactly, caused me to only hear what man more educated than me has to say about that.  That was my first mistake…God has always been there to teach me and to lead me, and I believed that HE was handing me off to someone.  My worst fear became a reality. The fire for Christ and to spread the Gosple began to die down. After trying to talk through it with a man, I realized he did not understand me, and I have been judged.  Is this all part of God’s plan? yes.  My longing to be part of..was off.  I already am part of the body of Christ. When I get hurt by the “believers”, I tend to take that out on the ONE i love the most.  (They said i was part of their one who never really had a what do I know about this..apparently nothing. Please do not take this as a slam on the church, I don’t believe they are wrong, yet I also believe that God wants my attention, and now HE has it.) God changed my husbands schedule forcing us to walk another direction, because HE loves us, and HE knows what HE is doing, and me..not so much.

The LORD has brought me back to HIS side, reminding me that I am never alone, and HE never tires of me asking questions, and HE never feels like HE has invested too much time in me. Just the opposite, HE wants to invest time in me.  HE used my daughter this week to show me videos, that actually broke through my fog I have been walking in, and I am sharing them with you. In the order that I have them in, is the conversation between me and God. I hope it helps your heart too, where ever you may be on this road.  No one trumps God, and what HE has spoken to your heart. And no one can know or discern your heart without investing time in you. God is the only ONE who truly knows your heart..follow HIM.

For some reason the one that speaks my heart the best in this struggle will not embed..sooo if you would like to hear it go here  


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Happy Valentines Day


John 3:16  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that who so ever believes in Him will have eternal life.

How about that for a valentine from God?

(sorry i lost the downloadable link..but feel free to rip this one)


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Loving Mercy?

Wondering this morning if anyone loves Mercy?  I know that I work at it.  Some days are easier than others, but do I just LOVE Mercy?  We all love it when it is directed at us, but do we love it while giving it to others?

Micah 6:8  HE has shown you, O man, what is good.  And what does the LORD require of you?  To act justly, and to love Mercy, and to walk humbly with your God.

While reading, I have realized that most feel that they are acting justly, and the will tell you so.  Also they will tell you how very humble they are. LOL  But I don’t read much about mercy being shown to another, unless the person writing is on the recieving end.

If I need to explain to you that I am acting justly, I probably am not.  If I need to tell you that I am humble..I am sure I am not.  Mercy, should be something that falls from our lips without much thought, and our actions should show mercy without someone screaming..I am showing mercy now!

Father God , we are a stiff necked, prideful people, with no remorse while confronting a Holy God.  As I repent of  falling short in this area, I pray that you will soften others hearts, and show them mercy, and through your kindness bring them to repentance.  Teach us how to “act justly” , “love Mercy”, “walk humbly”.  We don’t deserve you, yet you stand with outstretched arms calling us to return to your side, in full repentance, ready to forgive, ready to restore us.  We can’t serve you as a body in unity without doing these things.  I long for the unity.  You are the potter and we are the clay..mold us…teach us, and lead us. Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus name, Your princess, who really just wants to do this thing!


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Healing, restoration, and a smile

Its been one of hardest weeks, as far as spirituality.  Just a constant up and down of emotions, and choices.  I read a post yesterday that touched my heart more than the author could have ever known.  HE reminded me that we live in a world that is not perfect. And alot of what we experience is also experienced by others.  It seems that when my weeks are tough, old pains seem to surface, and I find myself back at HIS feet, asking why?  I have forgiven, I have repented, I have chosen YOU, and at these times the pangs and the mind seem to run rampant.  While reading this gentlemans post, I came face to face with Jesus and how HE truly felt my pain and yours as a man, sinless, all GOD in bodily form. 

 As I was confronted again with the past, I was also in the shadow of HIM.  HE spoke to my heart…”I was there, I know what you felt, I felt it too. I know every tear you cried, I cried too.   I know your anger, death angered me too.  It was not supposed to be this way, Sin did this…not ME.  What I was doing was building the bridge to bring you back to where your heart will never feel these things again.  Now believe ME.”

Jesus heals and restores, and puts a smile back on my face and in my heart.  HE just seems to do it a piece at a time, and as each piece surfaces…HE requires me to talk it out with HIM.  See, I have been praying for resurrection power over my heart, and HE says “Come, let me heal that”.

If you are not reading any of the Bible study entries on John, I want to encourage you to do it.  And please please please do not miss this post on the NorEasters blog.  Incredible!  (oh and don’t just lurk…leave the man some comment luv!)


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In Need of Resurrection?

My princess sister, Heidi, put this video in a comment on the last thread.  And it touched my heart so much!  I have loved this song, and it seemed to fit very well with the Blogging Bible Study– John 11.  I really would like to share this link love with Heidi, although she thinks I inspire her…she is the inspiring one.  Spend some time and get to know one of the most precious people God has put on this road with me…Priceless!

If you have trouble hearing the words, please click here, and you will find a video with just words for you.  I want to know the resurrection power of Jesus, in the final resurrection but also with in my heart right here…right now!  Peace


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