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Revive- Chorus of the Saints

Can’t find a good version of this song, or better video, or lyrics..YET it is in my head all I thought I would share it with you all. Have a great Sunday!! God is faithful!, and that alone is the Chorus of the Saints…don’t we need to be reminded of that…I did! Peace and Love!


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Does God care? really?

I Peter 5:7  Cast all your cares on HIM, because HE cares for you.

In my humanness, I have spent endless hours reading and learning  and just wanting to know how to “Cast my cares on HIM”. Don’t get me wrong, the time has not been wasted. 

While walking day in and day out in a broken cursed world, it becomes discouraging at times, people generally do not care, and the church is not exempt in that.  It seems we pick and choose what we will care about, and we discard the rest.  My conversation with the LORD lately has been along the lines that I am bombarded with people who do not care about what is surrounding them, and they care even less for me.  I am the kind of person that generally that rolls off me, and I soon become very uncaring too. Or maybe immune to it.  I have certainly seen alot more uncaring in my life than genuine concern or just gentle caring.  

Our GOD is faithful! While studying, and conversing with HIM about how badly I tend to feel walking through this world, I really want HIM to change my heart and my “want to”, to just line up more with HIS.  It was important that I looked at “why” the feelings even stir in me that seem to drive me.  And it all came down to..”They don’t care about me”.  The Holy Spirit, whom I am studying more about, guided me to I Peter 5:7.  My heart sank, and I automatically went in the direction to cast my cares on HIM…still must be doing that wrong.. NO…HE showed me how we stop there, and miss the biggest part of that verse..”because HE cares for us”.

Repeat that over and over in your heart today, it will shine a new light on you, it will give you strength to push ahead, and it fills us with HIS love and care, enough to endure the world around us.  Our Creator, our KING, our Daddy, HE CARES FOR US..HE CARES!


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Share encourgement

Today, i am wanting to just hear encouragement..What is God doing in your life?  What one thing has happened today to just show that HE cares for you? (even if you just have the pleasure of eating today, remember that many around the world will not eat that is a blessing and a wonderful thing that shows HIS provision for you).


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Worship with me..accept the mission

If you believe in Jesus Christ, and call yourself Christian/Christ follower..then you can walk away from the message that is laid out here, but the minute you open your front door and step out-You have entered the Mission Field…accept the’s what you were made for.  Pray for you fire to be ignited again, pray to see the person that God has put in your path to witness too.  By all some love and mercy..that is the loudest testimony! Our life is testimony, and it should look like Worship 24/7! Peace


Leeland-tears of the saints

Kutless- sea of faces

Toby Mac- made to love


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Desire = suffering?

Today while reading Experiencing GOD Day-by-Day, by Henry & Richard Blackaby, something hit me differently than ever before in this passage.

Matthew 16: 24 Then Jesus said to his disciples, “if anyone desires to come after ME, Let him deny himself, and take up his cross and follow ME.”  

So many have been fed a gospel that is comfortable, and requires no suffering, then when these things happen, they walk away from God.  Sounding off about how HE did not fulfill HIS promises, and the Christian walk just doesn’t work.  If you feel this have been misled!  This walk isn’t comfortable most of the time, and suffering is par for the course…really.  Jesus suffered to bring us salvation, and we, too, will suffer as we spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are not now nor will ever be greater than our master.  

Still desire HIM?  I hope you say yes.  Although at times, we cry out with pain, we have a constant friend who is closer than a brother, the Holy Spirt.  HE will guide us, comfort us, teach us, and intercede for us.  The benefits of knowing Christ, and making HIM known are far greater than any suffering.  Just look around you…this world is cursed, and its going to fall apart. You can’t stop it, you can try, but you can’t stop it.  All the petitions and phone calls to your congressmen and senators is not going to change the course that God has already laid out.  HIS plan does not have flaws.  

The one who truly desires HIM, is carrying thier cross(what ever that may be), and believing that HE is worth it!  I believe that HE is worth it.

Father God, please hear our cries for your mercy on us and the world around us. Please help us to walk in step with your Spirit, to deny ourself and pick up our cross. Life in this world is so temporal in comparison to an eternity with YOU.  Yes, YOU are worth it.  Help us to stand strong, help us to be lights to a dying world. Please unveil the eyes of the ones that are misled about you. Give them and us a hunger for your Word, and to believe with all our hearts its Truth.  Your princess who believes you are worth it, and we just are not home yet.


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The Need to Believe HIM

Haven’t had alot of blogging time lately, but I sure am missing you all!

Some thoughts that are rolling around in my head (yes it is non-stop),  

God has laid out some very intentional things in the Bible that we seem to pick and choose as to if we believe it, or when we believe it. Seriously our bad!  As a believer , I need to believe HIM, not just what has been taught about HIM, or what is read in other books, but we need to BELIEVE HIM.  

Some of our storms, and some of the repercussions for our sin, are heavy, and seem like we will not make it through to the other side.  When thinking that..disbelief.  Several years ago, leading a study (to a few groups) on Believing God by Beth Moore, I was totally blown away at how little I believe HIM.  intense!

My storm is different this time, not at all like the rest, and while calling out to GOD, HE answered my heart, and reminded me of that study. And all HE says over and over is Believe Me.  

When you are in a rough time, do you believe that GOD has allowed that time for a reason, and has not left you, nor will HE let you drown there?  Do you believe HIM?  I am learning to believe HIM at a new level, and laying down my idols that have been holding me captive.  For this moment..I believe HIM, maybe later today not so much, then again more  belief.  Oh LORD, help our unbelief!


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