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I will leave a word .. you will find a word for each letter, you will leave a new word for the next person… The twist is…the word left needs to be made up, and the next person will make the acronym to explain the definition. Keep it clean and family friendly..have fun!




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Our Creative Community

I am blessed to be part of this community. I need to be held accountable, and to see that being held accountable does not mean that every time I don’t quite make it to my goal for the week, I am not hit with a hammer! YAY! Instead they encourage me to continue on and try again.  Can you see a picture of Christ in that?  I can. And it has touched my heart and spurred me on like no other!

As I continue to look into my study on the Holy Spirit, HE has confronted me.  When I first came to Christ, my world turned upside down, and nothing seemed familiar, and struggles that had not existed before were relevant in my life.  Some how that has all evened out and a bit of complacency has taken root.  So while reading and asking the LORD to help me know this Spirit that lives in me, I am confronted again with a world upside down, and struggles that are relevant in my life.

SInce the Spirit is here to comfort me (just one instance), and I am without comfort, than I am not allowing HIM to do HIS job.  Not HIM, me!  If I am confused, and do not know which end is up, then I am not allowing HIM to direct me.  When I am fearful of what is going on around me, or in how someone mistreats me, I am not believing in HIS strength that lives in me.  

A bit uncomfortable is truth. But so glad to be on this road, knowing HIM more and loving HIM more.  I am thanking God for “Our Creative Community” as HE is using it to bring me closer to HIM, and to hear HIS voice more clearly. Amazing! Checkout Our Creative Community, and see if its a place where you can also find some encouragement to move in the direction that God is pulling you.

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Have you ever thought you could just finish another persons sentence? well here is your chance..

New game, this is how it goes…

I will start you with a sentence and not finish it, 

you will finish my thought, 

then start the next one.

it will look like this:

 I was thinking today about___________.

(next person) hair removal systems.  Some how I am not sure if _________.

Okay lets get started…

Reading the blogs today, I saw a scary pic of ____________.



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