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Conversations on the bus…

Things that were told to me just this morning…

6year old- beautiful dress- Miss Darla don’t I look just like a princess? (obviously this child has won my heart)

Me- absolutely…

6year old- thats because I am a princess-Big smile..(I did tell you she stole my heart)

Me- you are speaking truth!  Hope you don’t ever forget that you are a princess.


6year old boy-( my tylenol kid from last year) Miss Darla, I tried to bring you tylenol today, because its going to be mom said you have to get your own! 

Me- hahahahahhahahahahhaha thanks for trying.


9year old boy-(my sheep whisperer from last year) Miss Darla, that bunny you gave me in the summer is doing real good. Today I am going to try to put a leash on him, and go herd cows.

Me- I don’t think that is a good idea.

9year old- (Laughing) yesterday I let him in the barn, and the cows run from him (still laughing), my dad was so was great! (big smile)


10 year old girl- Miss Darla, why do boys stink?

Me- (trying not to agree or laugh) I don’t know, maybe its a boy thing, they grow up and they don’t stink then.

10 year old – these boys on the bus stink…and every grown up boy I know stinks too…can I sit with a girl?

Me- please sit with a girl….and its good that you don’t like boys yet..

!0 year old girl- yea! they stink…eeewwwwwwwwwwww



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God rides the bus

I haven’t had much time to blog lately. 

The Bus is great…the kids are too cute for words (yes, even the older ones), and God just amazes me at how HE fills my heart with love for them.  I looked into my mirror today and could see the inside of the entire bus…just gazing at them…each one so different from the next..each one beautiful in  a different way…different races/ethnic backgrounds.  They don’t see each other as different.  As I listened to their chatter…I looked again…and realized deep in my heart of hearts…Created in the image of my God.  HIS great love for them, a plan for each one, and that HE would allow me to see that or even be part of this…I can’t understand.  For those of you who are praying for me..Thank you! 

Today as one little red haired sweetie smiled for the first time this week, my heart remembered why I am doing this.  I had to tell her just how beautiful she is, and that red hair is my favorite!!  She had a little porcelian smile, and said “Thank you, no one likes red hair”… I DO.  And she was just the happiest little thing I seen so far this year.

We are leaving tomorrow evening to visit Papa and Mama….we are very excited!  So I will check in when I can.


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Change, isn’t it inevitable?

Back to School! LOL Our school district started yesterday with the new school year, with many changes to time and schedules.  Its all the same to me, my day is longer, and I have more stops, and less time to my self throughout the day, but overall its still the same job.  You know, the one I applied for, the one I have (which is a blessing to even have one), the job that God so brillantly lead me to. 

So many people are disturbed-from parents to students, from teachers to adminstrators, from the bus company to the drivers…I guess I am at a loss here…I don’t understand what is all the problem.  We all have things we must do, and everything that is new requires a little thinking…I  just don’t get it!

Here I am, wondering when I became easy going, and good with change?  Are you good with change? Are you good with crossing bridges when you get to them, and not contemplating them before you even get there?


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