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Review: Out Live Your Life~Max Lucado

Max Lucado is an excellent story teller, and this novel is not short of brillance!  Max moves through each chapter with a different story of one ordinary person who allowed their extraordinary God make difference through them.  Each seeing one thing, and as it lays heavy on their heart, prays to make a difference.  Each story stirs the heart to praise God! But it doesn’t stop there, it provokes the mind to do the same…make a something! (Even if it seems to be small and not making a dent) Our Extraordinary God take a little and makes a lot!

Max Lucado impresses me that the stories are not made up from somewhere in his creative juices. All can be followed up in the back of the book with the proper documentation.  This book would be an excellent study book for a small group. Questions for discussion and self application are listed in the back of the book for each chapter.

This is a must read! Easy to read, back with Scripture, and motivating to press on and move forward with our God. Nothing is too hard for HIM.

Out Live Your Life, you were made to make a difference!

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DTTB/Lifter of my Head I

All my life I believed that there was a GOD, I just didn’t believe HE was very interested in me. Actually I believed HE hated me.  I set out to be a better person and to raise my children with a knowledge of HIM, and a hope that HE would be interested in them.  My heart was striving to be a good wife, as I knew little about that, and had married the man who seemed to always be there and genuinely liked me. Love, yes we loved, or what we knew of love at that time. 

After returning to a church after 20 years of ignoring it, still attending hoping HE would look down and have mercy on my children, and give them some kind of blessing.  Although I had been educated in the Bible, there was no connection to my heart. Often I asked questions like, “What is Grace?”, “What is unforgivable?” “Why do we say Hope, and think of a positive?”  I rarely got an answer that made any sense to me.  So I knew of HIM, but had yet to experience HIM.

Our marriage was falling apart, drugs and alcohol numbed the pain, while still being functional, and wearing a mask.  The LORD pulled me closer, and I cried out to HIM, kneeling (had not done that since I was a little girl), and begging.  “Please, don’t let all this fall down, don’t take him from me, even if you hate me, surely you love my children, I will do anything..Please”.  That was the moment I experienced HIM for the first time, undeniably!  HE wrapped me up in HIM, the warmth and the love that enveloped me was incredible and the first time that I had ever felt anything like it.  Joy filled my heart, HE loved me, HE really loved me…

The next day, sitting in my room, not wanting to leave whatever just happened, HE spoke to my heart, that I needed to read the Bible. The only Bible I had was a Dollar Store $5 KJV Bible (I carried to church to look appropriate). My response was “okay, but I really don’t understand any of it, I need you to help me understand, I don’t even know where to start..” Somehow, I bumped the Bible and it fell to the floor, and laid open, and this is what caught my eye and my attention.

Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”

This is the beginning of our Awesome God being the Lifter of my Head.


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The Biggest Lie

While attempting to work on “Lifter of my Head” , God stirred my heart to this question -What was the biggest lie, the one the enemy built off to make his other lies work?  I stand amazed!

The biggest lie goes all the way back my early teens.  You are not chosen of God. HE doesn’t love you, and you are destined to be abused, ignored, and tormented. Do what ever you want, you are allowed, follow me, I am also not chosen.  I remember hearing that in my heart of hearts, I remember looking at my life and seeing the turmoil and chaos of my family.  I think my addictions started then.  I had no hope, that my life would ever be better than it was, the purpose of living seemed to be for the moment.  My addictions started with smoking, and then marijuana, then cocaine, prescription diet pills, valium, librium, zanax, muscle relaxers, alcohol.  I did not have a preference and sometimes took them all at once.  I could tell you of endless times I thought this is my last day, and I won’t wake up again tomorrow…hell could not be any worse than life, and if it is, I still be away from here.  Remembering the devastation of waking up, and honestly being disappointed that in my failure of a life, I couldn’t even kill myself correctly.

I talked to God throughout the years from 13-35 but mostly screaming at HIM, and questioning… “Why did you not pick me?, at least tell me that! why do you bring people into the world just to torment them? What kind of God are you? You are probably not even there.”   But through my walking through the past with the Lord, HE showed me every where HE was with me, even while I was screaming and blaming HIM, for my life being so empty.   I know that HE saved my life every time I tried to take it.  I know that my first born was HIS saving me again. ( I was not to be able to have children, and her father killed himself, I would have followed, but I was six months pregnant, and although I would hurt me, I would not hurt her.)

In my ignorance of my Mighty KING, and the ignorance of the Bible/Truth, I bought the lie…and everything that was evil in my life confirmed the lie…many years of destruction, the despair that doesn’t write out with justice, and the tears that flow every time I remember that I am where I am today, because HE lifted me out, and wrapped HIS arms around me, and spoke truth to my heart.  HE has a plan for all of us, before we were born. The ugliness we see in the world and all around us at times, is part of the curse that sin brought to the world.  This place isn’t our home. Where we are traveling to is perfect. We are not home yet.

What lie has the enemy told you? If it is negative of God, you are living in the lie.  Give the enemy no glory, ask the King, and HE is always faithful to tell you truth.  


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Down to the Bottom-Lifter of my Head (part 1)

How about it? Have we got some stories from being down on the bottom? They are no good if we don’t share them with someone else, and if we don’t grow from the mistakes, or hard times.My background is full of abuse. Some of it inflicted on me, some of it I choose all in the name of love, some was substance abuse, and some was just a dead spirit without hope of anything better. Partly a prodigal, partly ignorant that God loved me at all. I heard the concept, (when very young) God had plans for my life even before HE knit me together in my mothers womb. My honest thoughts then were “how cruel”! So that is where I am starting…my deepest thoughts were I am not chosen…I believed in God, but HE had a sense of humor and I was the joke. I WAS VERY WRONG!! GOD HAS A PLAN, AND I AM CHOSEN! Beauty and power became my obsession, at a very young age. However, an overweight kid had to do something about that. Well making myself puke was not for me, but drugs…ahhhhhhh not only did I love how I felt on them, but I was hot! Men were falling and knocking and ringing the phone..I was picking and choosing for the first time…THAT IS HOW DECEPTION CRAWLS INTO A LIFE. IT OFFERS SOMETHING THAT YOU DESPERATELY WANT, OR THINK YOU NEED. I then started to sell drugs (not to kids)to support my own habit, and because it also had a power trip to it. Ah! At 19 years old I had arrived in my mind. I would never feel shame again, I would make people sorry for messing with me. Attitude as big as the whole outdoors…FUNNY IT ALL ADDED TO MY SHAME, AND BECAME VERY CONFINING IN MY SOCIAL LIFE. My abuser #1 showed up in the midst of my own glory, and started to become my nightmare again. A very hard tough biker took a smile to me, and offered to protect me from this person. I HAD NO IDEA WHAT THAT WAS GOING TO COST ME! But safe for a while, I agreed to marry this man. And for a few months after, it all seemed do-able. ITS CALLED PROSTITUTION, ONE SELLS THEMSELVES FOR A PRICE, PROTECTION, MONEY, HOME, EVEN A CROWD TO TELL ME HOW WONDERFUL I WAS. It was all short lived, see my attitude was simple “don’t tell me no”. His attitude was “you will do what you are told, or feel my wrath”…Did we mix it up?? At times their was not one piece of furniture unturned, and I wasn’t the only one toting the black eye…but it got worse. I held a gun to his head in the middle of the night “do not ever beat me and go to sleep, FOOL!” ONLY GOD STOPPED ME FROM PULLING THE TRIGGER AND RATIONALIZING IN MY BRAIN. There had to be more to life than this, and prison for the rest of my life wasn’t it. I begged him to let me leave, and I would not take one thing, I would not sue him for alimony, keep the boat, the car, the Harley Davidson…please let me go. He said NO. Girls don’t get out once they are in this group. Honestly I did not care. I spoke to a leader of this group, and he kind of scared everyone. I really didn’t feel like I had anything to lose, not even my life. This leader said “I want you to go, someone is going to die in that house, and I used to think it would be you, but I am not sure about that anymore, go I will make sure no one comes after you.” ENTER GOD! THIS MAN HAD NO COMPASSION FOR ANYONE, AND A FEW YEARS LATER KILLED HIS WIFE FOR WANTING THE SAME THING. He did keep his word, and no one came after me. AMAZING HOW GOD WILL USE EVEN AN NON BELIEVER TO ACHIEVE THE PLAN HE HAS, NO ONE OR CIRCUMSTANCE WILL EVER CHANGE HIS PLAN. I didn’t turn to God then, I moved on and shortly I met a business man, so extremely gorgeous, and full of money, again I was looking at beauty and power…it still had something that I wanted so much, the emptiness burned deep. I DIDN’T KNOW AT THAT TIME, JESUS WAS THE BEAUTY AND POWER MY LIFE WAS SO HUNGRY FOR, AND THE ONLY ONE THAT COULD EVER FILL MY EMPTINESS.


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