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Recently joined booksneeze, the name made me smile! Seriously, I love to read and study, but my funds are limited. With Booksneeze books are free, and I am committed to write a review on my blog. Awesome!

Thinking lots about how to incorporate my interest, to free up sometime. How are you keeping up these days? Have you incorporated things or eliminated them?   And how to choose?


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I Met a BADGUY at the Macaroni Grill!

Badguy at the Macaroni Grill

Badguy at the Macaroni Grill

don't we just look like family? we are...muahahaha

don't we just look like family? we are...muahahaha

Last night we met up with Badguy in Harrisburg at the Macaroni Grill. FUN! I love how blogging has made a family that is so real and awesome! Although its been more than a year since i started blogging with this gentleman, I seriously felt like I know him well enough to get my hug! haha those who know me know…i love to hug!

Dinner was Fab, and the company was even better, and the plan is on for the 4th weekend of July (which is just a couple weeks away), so excited! If you do not know who this Badguy is go here, and if you do not know the HUBS (Praise365) go here

I am soooo hoping for Ric and Christian to also be able to come to the blogging get together at Bad’s…Anyone else!?!?  Deb’s will be here, and yes she is going! Alot I will miss tho, wish y’all would be here too!


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First blogger to visit me..

Our first blogger came to visit us and spend the night at our home! yay!! we have met many, but we always travel to see them.  So this was our first!!!


Yes, you guessed it! the mysterious Mr Noreaster Dude and his dog SAM..both were exceptionally well house trained!

Seriously, this visit was a blessing! All kidding aside..

Noreaster is a very close friend, because of Jesus.  Really.  We both have so many similiar storms, and so many of the same loves, and dislikes…he is truly my brother.

This meeting fell together in a few hours texting…and that was it.  So God to just arrange and pull it all together.  I really needed some encouragement, and he was there. AMAZING!!  Sam is the best behaved dog, and was an angel here in my dogs..well..bad bad bad…

SO you can say that the princess (and yes he did see my tiara) had dinner ready ( and that doesn’t usually happen), trina microwaved it, and made brownies..hahaha sooo ready for the unexpected.  And he even had “dippy eggs” for breakfast. 

Noreaster, you have blessed my life! thank you thank you thank you!  my prayers are with you, and praying for GOD’s directions to be so clear to your heart. Praying also for your are an amazing man! love you!




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5 Ways blogging benefits…me

I have  been tagged by Gchyayles (you sweet thang!…LOVE HER), and I am doing this tag, because I think alot of us need to refocus on why we do it, and what the benefits of blogging are. So Gchy gchy girl..all for you!

1.  Blogging keeps me accountable to make sure I am spending time with God, and that what I write has come from my time with HIM. It disciplines me, and spurs me on to learn and keeps me real.

2.  Blogging has helped me to see the body of Christ is a better light, as we are all far away, we share things that would be more difficult in just meeting someone new for the first time.  Its easy to be honest here. And my new love for the Body is an answer to prayer for me.

3 Blogging has provided me with a faith family that I have longed for, it has connected me to people with hearts that are very similiar to my own, and for years I prayed to know just one more person, and HE has blessed me with many!

4. Blogging has introduced me to studying with others on line and helping me to see many different angles of study, and interpretations, and I am learning plenty..Praise God!

5.  Blogging has shown me that you all are not pretend people (Bwan brought that to my attention), and I have had a chance to meet many this summer, and can not wait to see what GOD will do through this blogging experience!

I am part of a blogging family, and God has greatly blessed us through this. 

I am tagging five more…

Heather, Jenny, Steph, Deborah(my African Dolla…I owe her this one too, from a while back…sorry I you),  Sherma (brainteaser)…have fun…and you can leave them here or let us know to come there..but thoughts we want them!! love you!  Don’t forget to visit GCH, and share a little love…I so want to adopt that girl, but she is lady, and doesn’t need another mom..but I could mother her to death! Muaah!!


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