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I Love Your Blog Award


Steph at Ocean mommy, has given me this award! and she made me cry too! (happy tears), I was also given a similar one from Faith at Great adventure, and Tam at inprogress…sorry  girls, and an email version of this from Love… I am terrible about staying on top of the things..forgive me.  I am supposed to answer these questions with a one word answer, I will try.


1. Where is your cell phone? hoodie
2. Where is your significant other? work, uh twittering, uh work
3. Your hair color? Brown and pink (black would not stay)
4. Your mother? loving
5. Your father?(step) saint
6. Your favorite thing? computer
7. Your dream last night? flying
8. Your dream/goal? Oregon
9. The room you’re in? Family room
10. Your hobby? blogging
11. Your fear? lost going to hell
12. Where do you want to be in six years? Oregon
13. Where were you last night? gym/home
14. What you’re not? still
15. One of your wish list items? Esther DVD’s
16. Where you grew up? Lancaster City, PA
17. The last thing you did? coffee
18. What are you wearing? jeans

19. Your T.V.? off
20. Your pet? (pets) guarding her food, another watching her food, and yet another snoring
21. Your computer? love at first site
22. Your mood? good
23. Missing someone? yes
24. Your car? dirty
25. Something you’re not wearing? coat

26. Favorite store? Lifeway bookstore
27. Your Summer? too fast
28. Love someone? yes
29. Your favorite color? everyday that changes
30. When is the last time you laughed? Just now
31. Last time you cried? yesterday

Okay I could not do the one word rule..if this were a test I would have flunked.  If you are on my blog roll, you have been tagged…as I love the blogs I list here..really, I don’t know where to start to pick someone who inspires me..because you all do inspire me!



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Brillant Weblog Award ( for real??)

Steph gave me this award.  I don’t feel like I deserve it, but that is also how I feel about God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.  It’s all bigger than the little brain I have.  If you haven’t visited Steph please do, read through her posts…she is authentic, fun, loving, honest, and struggles with this life like the rest of us.  I have been blogging with her over a year, and she is like a sister to me.  She is definitely an encourager, and I am blessed to have her in my life.  So that said, I am humbled that she would give me this award, on the grounds that whenever she comes here, she gets Jesus.  WOW what a huge compliment!

Last week I had thought and wondered if I am still showing Jesus like I set out to do when I started blogging, or have I become laxed and started to mesh.  After praying I thought I really need to step it up and get back to what is important and show a little love (for cryin out loud). Keep me in line! tell me when I am not showing Jesus, and when I need to show a little love!  I will honestly love it.

I am passing this one to just a couple princess’ who have not only stoled my heart, but with out fail, have pointed me back to Jesus a number of times…There are many I could give this too…some of you hate this kind of stuff…and some would not pass it on…so….drumroll please….

Heidi, Tanya, Debs, Tam, Trina, Birgit, Michelle…please visit these girls, and give them some love from me…I do love them..and yes they have always been there and pointed me back, even when I could not see a thing.  Always reminding me in thier writings that we walk by faith and not by sight… LOVE THEM!


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AWARD-Blogging with a purpose


Princess Steph gave me this award.  Bloggin with a Purpose…I know the Lord is in the things I write about, and everything I write is for HIS glory to use however HE wants.  But I am not the only one…HE has many many workers out here in Bloggsville, Earth.

I am passing this on to Tam-even in her randomness she touches my heart with Jesus.  God’sgal-she has a way of drawing out the debate, and that is a purpose in its self, nothing like a good debate to sharpen up the digging tools.  Heidi-her perserverence is always an encouragement to me, Jenny Hope-she can preach to me at any given time, and I will be shaken my head, saying uh huh, amen, thats so right!, Princess Shonda-her purpose sometimes I think is to keep me remembering to stay real and the importance of it.   My Twinkle-she has me blushing reading through the Song of Songs, Can’t forget Papa!! (amd Mama) I really love you all, and if you are on my blogroll, you are precious to me, and God has a purpose for each one of you to blog…do it, give God some glory!!


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excellentawardblog.jpg     Tanya (on the blogroll) has awarded me this award! I am humbled that anyone would think that, as I am far from arriving! LOL But thankyou Tanya!

I am giving this award to Jenny Hope, Heidi, Fran, Leah, Twinkle, Shonda, Kathy at Sumballo, Angela, Steph, Ang-LSOF, GG and Tam  these woman totally encourage me to strive for excellence or at least stay focused on the Excellence in Christ, if your name is not on my list don’t be discouraged…memory loss is the first sign of Menopause, it stinks don’t want it, you will be disappointed..  🙂  Please do award yourself!


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Awarded Lovable Blog-are you loving Jesus?

lovebleblog_bmp.jpgAngela at  gave me the loveable blog award for showing love and encouraging the love of Jesus.  Thanks!  I am giving this award to Heidi (on blogroll), and Jenny-hope (on blogroll), and Leah (on blogroll), and twinkle (on blogroll)…also to Laurie Lloyd who I am praying is working on getting her blog running!


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Encouragement Award (can you believe this, I am the ranting queen)

Daily dose of Encouragement

I was awarded this today by Jenny Hope, and Steph(ocean mommy), for being encouraging to them.  First I want  you to know that I was not the in the orginal five I was an after thought! LOL Actually my plan is to be last as the last will be first someday! 😯

Just kidding, they both rock, and encourage me.  If Jesus had a blog I would give this award to HIM!  I always need a daily dose of HIM, and love how HE encourages me even when I am a total block head!  I am supposed to give this award to five or more people, so I am going to try to pick some that have not been picked yet, and if I miss anyone…consider yourself picked!!

God’s gal, One Direction, Heidi, cbgrace, Laurie Lloyd, Rochelle, Elaine(redheaded rev),Faith, Tam…I seriously can’t count to five today…oh well…its my blog and I can count to five like this-1,2 skip a few, 5. 🙂

Continue to encourage one another, even more as the day approaches-the return of our King!


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