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In the Presence of my Enemies

(Trying blog on my iPhone -good luck eh?)

Psalm 23 says God prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies.
Zephaniah 3:18-20 God says he will comfort me, calm my heart with his unfailing love, He watches over me, He sings joyful songs over me. He restores me, in the presence of my enemies. Then He says “I, the LORD, have spoken!”

I believe Him. As once again He dries my tears, calms my heart, and shows me what it looks like to be on His arm. How He lifts my head, fills me with peace and strength to walk in front of my enemies. But His strength and power is phenomenal ! Now I pray for mercy for my enemies.

Learning to walk with Him closer than ever. I need your prayers for this journey. More than that, please pray for your enemies.



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new beginnings

Now that a new plateau has been reached, a new blog is in order. My Mac still needs repaired, so I am going to attempt a new creation using my kindle Fire. Insert crooked grin. 

This may take awhile….but the creative juices are flowing, and the positive thoughts are plentiful!


Stay tuned, will let you know when I am up and running. Peace and love

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