Journeying Home

Long week of sorrows.  I realize it will be like a rollercoaster. But the ride is tiring.

Disgruntled. This life is exhausting to only bring me barely breathing.

Remembering all that I have in Christ, and feeling small in all of it.

Wondering why I long to feel like I am home, belonging, beautiful, secure.

I was created for all of it, this is just not my home, I belong to Heaven.

Its ok to feel all this.

Wanting to be found in Him, and grateful for all the beauty around me and the people who care about me.

Journeying to the place I was created for, Heaven is my home…



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3 responses to “Journeying Home

  1. There are times where my heart cries out for heaven too. Such a paradox, living in a world where there are loved ones, where our hearts swell up with joy at the sound of a babies giggle or first steps or when we experience the warmth of the sun and the softness of flower petals in our hands. Yet having that underlying longing for a place where the pain and tears and trials don’t exist. Heaven is my ultimate home and such a perfect home to look forward to spending eternity in. I love you.

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