Backed in a Corner-Jump

Whenever a commitment is taken, in order to come closer or to follow God, HE immediately starts saying “Jump”! Terrified is an understatement! Life changes rapidly, and my skin doesn’t even feel comfortable.  The heat is turned up!  Pressure from every side. No other possible move in this. Jumping is the only option.  

So tomorrow I take a huge jump.  I do know HE will catch me, I do know HE has a plan, and I do know that HE loves me.  Looking for a new job, interviewing, money is a huge reason. But more reasons have surfaced that are more than just a little disturbing.

I have become vulnerable. I hate it.  Vulnerable has not been in my vocabulary.  Some have found ways to back me in a corner, and demand that I do things that are against everything I am…to keep my income. All while knowing they are taking advantage of a very bad situation. HE reminds me that vengeance is his, altho I really want a piece of it.

Some other things are pressing. All have become almost intolerable, since the comittment.

I take committments seriously, never take them lightly.

So I jump into the unknown, believing that no matter what there is an abundant life with my name on it. And I am going to claim it.

This is not my home, I belong to heaven.  Leaning like crazy and holding on with two hands. 



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5 responses to “Backed in a Corner-Jump

  1. “HE reminds me that vengeance is his, altho I really want a piece of it.”

    Altho it’s not a funny post, that made me laugh out loud!

    I have no idea what you’re going through, but I know the feeling of being vulnerable. It’s scary…and maddening. And sometimes, right where He wants us. I suppose we learn best there…???

    Praying for you and hoping God will winnow your path, for His Name’s sake.

    Love you, Princess!!

  2. believing that the doors He opens are the right ones, and today I jump. Not knowing how it will all work out, but peace and peace of mind are the goal. thanks for the prayers, i need them.

  3. I agree. My three-month maternity leaves are such small blips on a career that could span decades. I would never stop job hunting because I’m trying to get pregnant, and if I happened to start a new job and get pregnant soon after, oh well — I may not get all of the leave benefits I could have, but I certainly don’t think there would be any long-term effects from that.

  4. not sure what you are talking about…you are welcome to be here, but please don’t use this blog for sales.

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