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Princess to Beloved

Some of you remember my journey as a Princess, learning what it means to have a Father. Learning to take my place in God’s family. I have embraced it, taught it, breathed it.

A new journey has begun. The Beloved, the bride of Christ, God as my husband.  Sounds romantic, and divine. It very well may be. I haven’t learned this yet, I have not embraced it, can’t imagine teaching it, and breathing chokes me at times. But the journey has begun. No turning back, no running away, full of tears at times, and always loaded with questions. Most of all….the most humbling experience ever.

Sympathy is not what I need or what I am looking for. Encouragement on this journey is what I really need.  I don’t expect anyone to understand me at this time, relieved that He does, and will answer my heart when its best for me. 

Wipe your tears that flow for me, continue your prayers, and rejoice with me that I do not live in a dark place constantly without hope. 

This is the year to learn how to:

-lean into my Creator and accept God as my husband

-drop all inhibitions and believe everything is possible

-love without fear of losing

-dance like no one can see me

-show gratitutde for each new day

-forgive to be forgiven

-extend mercy as I will always be in need of it

-swim in Grace

-accept and embrace that no one ever could love or provide for me better than my divine husband.

Life moves on. HE holds his hand out to me, and and begs me to believe Him here…and come. So much life yet to live, so much love to experience, and so much kingdom work to be done.

I really do love Him, He scares me to death sometimes.

“He is not safe, but He is good” – C.S. Lewis


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