NNN-Next New Normal

Wondering why sedation is the answer to grieving? It was more of a problem for me.  Maybe its my addictive personality, maybe it just wasn’t right for me.  

I refuse to take the sedation any more. 

Running straight into it with my eyes open…it has to be that way.

27 years ago I was here. Bad, no terrible devastating decisions, drugs, alcohol, and whatever gets you through the night. Reaching out for anything.

I learned the hard way, but I learned. There is no easy way out of here. So keep your head, move forward no matter what the pain feels like, be the overcomer you are created to be. If the need a rises to grab on to something, then grab a hold of the only One who loves us so deep, so high, so wide, so long. He is the only One who knows every detail of our life. 

Always for us, not against us.

Strong safe place to land.

Never gets tired of us, always wants more of us.

Next step in the New Normal; 

Believing the only One will not leave us in the desolate place, and will restore us to something beautiful, He is faithful and He does not lie, He has no darkside, and He doesn’t need us, He wants us….even in our messy broken lives…



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8 responses to “NNN-Next New Normal

  1. There is no easy way out of here. So keep your head, move forward no matter what the pain feels like, be the overcomer you are created to be.

    I don’t like feeling the pain, but I figure I’m further down the path if I choose not to numb it. And numbing can happen in so many ways…

    Praying through the pain…choosing to rest in His sovereignty…not easy fixes, but real answers come when I sit in His lap and pour my heart out to Him.

    He wants us…even in our messy broken lives…

    Thank you, Princess.

  2. Love you so much! wish you were here…you and I are going to come through this journey, sparkling and beautiful…that is who we are, sister Princess

  3. Amen! Keeping you in prayer. Can you feel the love long distance? Been here before and am encouraged to see and hear your progress. You have found the right source for all our needs. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

  4. i am feeling your long distance love…miss you and Dale

  5. I’m thinking you and the kids should make a trip down South, at some point…or…vice versa! It would be so good to drink coffee in your kitchen and watch you and the kids interact in your wonderful Frantz way!

    I miss you.

  6. either way would be awesome!!!! i miss you too

  7. I often hear at our Celebrate Recovery meetings that “normal is only a cycle on a washer.” I found the “new normal” very difficult at first when my Daddy passed. Even five years later (in July this year) the new normal is still very new and forever changing but God, in His consistency, has been the solid rock on which I’ve been able to lean. He is faithful, a very present help in time of trouble. Continuing to look to the hills with you my beloved Sister. Love you.

  8. Ayla!!!!!!! love you, so grateful to have people in my life who know my pain and also know where my strength comes from! God is forever faithful. I know..HE is with me constantly…miss you girl

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