Daily Archives: March 6, 2013

Life has changed…

Wow! haven’t been here for a long time….

Not sure where to start, but knowing I need to …

God called my soul mate home, unexpectedly.  

God spoke to me minutes before…” this is bigger than you know, I will take care of you, I am your husband”

It didn’t stop the pain from being the worst ever.

It did help me to draw closer to Him.

He did provide through others, some who know me, some who do not. 

We are financially making it, month to month, all by the Grace of God.

Several times a day, its as easy as “touch this pain and stop it, get me through this day” 

Immediately the pain eases, and daily normal living continues.

I don’t know the war in the heavenlies, but I know its there.

We all feel it through the day…the enemy is ruthless.

Please keep us in your prayers.

Don’t know what our new normal will look like, but we are hopeful that God restores as well as faithful.


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