Are we projecting Love?


It’s a new day! Another chance to start again! Another chance to love! Another chance to forgive. 

I read people by there eyes.  It’s always apparent if they are telling the truth, if they actually care what is being said.  It also shows if the compassion they are showing is self righteous or like Jesus.

I want the world to see Jesus in my eyes when they look on me.  Not only my actions, but a real heart/soul thing.

When I look in the mirror, I want to see what Jesus sees, what do you see when you look in the mirror? Is love in your eyes? 

Peace and Love, 

Live life to the fullest.




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4 responses to “Are we projecting Love?

  1. Just a note, when we love we cannot judge…do you agree?

  2. absolutely! Judging is left to the Judge and not to me. I also don’t want to be judged.

  3. Gracie, how come I can’t seem to access your blog, just your gravatar?

  4. Don’t know and just found this question. I’ll give you the link…

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