Hearts in Chains

Ten years ago, God woke me up at 3 in the morning, and spoke to my heart very clearly.  He said “my bride is in bondage, she is asleep in it, wake her up, she must get ready. Believe me”  I know now that I did not fully understand.  I assumed it was about me. Bondage seemed to be my middle name.  I believed that the past some how molded me, and destroyed my future.  So living was more of doing with what I have.  

A few months later, I received a free ticket for a Beth Moore conference “Hearts set free”.  I didn’t know who she was, but I like free! and I knew in my heart, my own bondage needed to be resolved so that I could get ready and be wakened up.  She came on the stage, the very first words out of her mouth “God’s bride is in bondage, she is asleep and must wake up, she needs to get ready! Oh dear ones, God wants you to believe HIM.”   She now had my undivided attention! 

Over the years, I have learned to believe Him more, but there is always more to believe Him for.  Trust is an issue.  Abuse has taken a toll on many hearts, not just mine.  Knowing Him, is to believe Him.  He is believable! After studying through the Old Testament, God is trustworthy, 100% Truth, focused on his plan, and no one can defer Him.  Our actions do not change His thinking or His work.  

After we went through some things as a family, I seemed to have forgotten to just simply believe God.  I am doing this again.  My heart is reaching out to the abused, and asking “please believe Him”.  Forgiveness is not a feeling its a choice.  Choose it, even if you need to do it several times a day, God is strong enough to make it a heart thing for you, through your obedience to forgive.  It doesn’t have to be a one on one with the abuser, it just needs to be between you and God.  This will free your heart.  

Don’t you want to feel peace again? Or maybe feel peace for the first time?  Lay it all at the feet of God, He wants so much more for you than the life you live, HE wants your heart to be free.  He wants to take the bad and make it good.  He did not create you for the life you had, or chains that wrap your heart.  The church can not fix this for you, only God can fix His own creation.  

You are beautiful to Him, He rejoices that you are even thinking about Him.  Don’t wait…Go to Him now..He’s patiently waiting for you…Believe Him.



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6 responses to “Hearts in Chains

  1. Timely, revealing, needful…more could be said but suffice to suggest you read the post. God is speaking to his bride, his people, his creation… Thank you Darla Frantz
    ” The church can not fix this for you, only God can fix His own creation.” – powerful statement. I connect with this and can say amen and amen…

  2. Thanks Gracie. Much much much more can be said, and God has stirred my heart this morning to write, like i have not written in years…love you

  3. Thank you, Darla. I have felt the chains of bondage from the church. I pray we (the church) will heed the warning and understand the freedom of which you speak. I need to bow the knee before Him in all things, and forgive from my heart, the abuse I’ve endured. Thank you for such a clear word of Truth.

    Oh, and…wow. Just wow. For her to speak the very same words God spoke to you…WOW.

  4. Again, so true. Very well said. I especially relate to the need for today’s believers to learn once again to walk in forgiveness of others and trust in our Lord. We say we trust Him, but our lives don’t show it. And too often we don’t even pretend to forgive others, instead choosing to justify our unforgiveness in some kind of spiritual facade.

  5. Charlotte, God maps it all out for us, so that we can dance in freedom. So many are missing that part, and then thinking defeat, and insecurity are just life…not so..God never intended it for us.. thanks for visiting and commenting.

  6. Michelle, its all choices…and you are doing a wonderful job of recovery…i love your heart…and all of us have something we need to bend the knee about…its worth it…Freedom in Christ!!!

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