Just Believe

God has a plan, and we just need to surrender to it.  God is still God, and His plan is still in motion, with or without our surrender.  I think at times we forget this.  We are the created, and He is the Creator.  Everything moves along His timeline.  So many things happen that we just don’t understand.  Maybe we are not supposed too.

God asks us to rest in Him, to accept the gifts He has already given to us.  








*Adoption into His family


If we (I) truly believed God, these things would flow out and saturate those around us…24/7

This year, I want to believe God more than ever before….



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7 responses to “Just Believe

  1. Thank you. And there is a difference between believing in and believing. I believe in the principles of Christianity. I’ve seen them at work. But deeper than that I believe Christ. I’m invested in Him, I love Him, L work for Him, I listen to Him, I wnat what He wants. There is a subtle difference. Believe carries believe in further into the relationship with Christ. Good post, Darla. Glad to see you writing. Love you.

  2. so good to see you here Gracie! i have been thinking on this again…wonder what it would look like if God’s children really believed Him, and lived it out….hummmmmm i want to be one of those

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  4. This is what brings me comfort, to know His plan will be accomplished. No one can stop it. I love the power, love, and grace that is God.

  5. me too, Michelle! all my mistakes and bad choices did not come as a surprise to God…still all part of the plan…God doesn’t fail us. Love you

  6. HW

    Soaking this in today… been pretty far away lately. Thanks

  7. HW, i have missed you! i have also been far away for a while…but i am back!!! love ya girl!

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