Hiding in Jesus (Abiding)

“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”  Do you know what it is like to have a week that mentally there is not an ounce of reason left, and you really feel like something that cat drug in from the yard?  I have been on that rollercoaster this week.  With all my knowledge of God, sometimes the best I could come up with was a song I learned as a young child-“Jesus loves me”.  But what truth is in that song!

Somehow I need to express something very important to my readers, especially believers.  There are times in this walk that are not pretty, and are very exhausting.  The enemy waits for this to happen so that he can pounce on us and kick, and dig into our empty places and create turmoil within us.  Sometimes the Lord allows it for a time, but only if HE plans to bring something good out of it.  We need to remember above all else, that HE loves us, and does not ever leave us.  We need to stop praying to be delivered from ever little thing that causes us discomfort, and start praying to learn what ever we have been brought here to learn.  It is truly the purifying fire.  We go through hard times to become more like HIM.  I have been stuck this week on some different scriptures, that all seem to point to “who do we think we are? Do we really think we will have an easier life than Jesus had on earth?  Do we think we are greater than our master? Do we think we can pick and choose scripture to be obedient too?”  If you never have stepped out of the bubble of the physical church and touched a heart with kindness, or opened the door for someone struggling…you may not understand why the enemy would want to rip and tear at any one person.  If you are not ever experiencing struggles and enemy attack, then I am going to beg you to pray and ask HIM if there is anything standing between you and HIM.  I have found that HE will answer quickly.

If you do know what I am talking about…then come to the ONE who can satisfy, and restore.  I love that when I feel like the enemy lays me at HIS feet and laughs…my Jesus picks me up and cleans me up and bandages all the wounds, dresses me in the finest clothing, adorns me jewels, and we dance.  Surrounded in the most awesome love.  I love that HE wraps HIM self around me and HIS strength is apparent to my heart.  HE calls me to sleep there, and covers me with HIS robe. HE sings over me. HE reminds me that  although it looks like the enemy wins some battles, he has already lost the war!!  Does that do good  for anyone else’s heart?? It encourages mine greatly.


the enemy is a liar, and he means no one any good thing.  Thank you for carrying us when we are to weak to walk anymore.  Thank you for filling us with your peace and your joy, that you gladly give to us, when asking.  Thank you for being just a cry away, and for intervening on our behalf.  Thank you for always bringing something good out of the bad.  You truly have our best interest at heart.  I am amazed at how high and deep and wide is your love for us.  Give us a hunger for more of you, even and foremost in the worst of circumstances.  Might we only want you, stretch out our arms and reach for the only One who will ever love us unconditionally, and delights in just hearing our voice directed at HIM.  We are desperate for you.  Things will only get worse in this world, teach us to hide ourselves in you.  You are the only God and there is no other…make it so in our hearts. 

your daughter, and princess, who knows there is no life away from you.

(this is a repost from 2007, funny how we seem to go full circle, and here I am again.  Thought of rewriting it, but I just couldn’t…Stay close to the ONE who is the safest place to land)



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7 responses to “Hiding in Jesus (Abiding)

  1. Oh I like this! Important words to treasure if we are to truly be His people and not caught in the deceptive forces that are presently at work. Bless you, Darla.

  2. Bless you my friend! you always inspire, and redirect me…just being you! love you

  3. He is my safe place. I’ve needed to know His love for me is unconditional. Growing up with conditions to salvation has made me neurotic in questioning where I am with Him…with anyone, for that matter. I’ve been floored with His quick answers when I come crawling, wondering, “Are we okay?” He lifts me up and answers my plea, “We’re doin’ just fine. You are My beloved.” Grace. Abundant grace that covers all my sin. And His arms holding me tight…no safer place than in Him.

    Thanks, Princess. ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Something’s not letting me comment…not sure what’s happening…is it in your spam?

  5. Well…that time it did. Let me see if I can remember what I said…something about being neurotic…

    Growing up under “performance-based religion” and worrying if I was “in the faith” left me with a neurotic questioning of all relationships, but most especially, with God. After falling further than I ever thought possible, I needed assurance from Him that He hadn’t left. I would crawl to Him in utter shame and He would lift me up…time and again…until I finally got it. He loves me! He is my safe place. No other one is faithful. He pours out His love on me and I know I am His. He is mine. I so love that I can ask and He will answer…again and again and again. He never tires of pouring His love over me. Darla, He sings over us…isn’t that amazing?

    Thank you, ma’am.

  6. Your article Hiding in Jesus (Abiding) | ponderings of a princess… write very well, thank you share!

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