loss sucks…hope rocks!

One of the greatest male influences in my life has passed away. He suffered much in the last years with his health, but was a giant to me.  I know God placed him in my life at the time when i needed rescued from the world more than anything.  He and his wife taught me what a family looked like, how it was okay to screw up, as long i picked my self back up, to ask for help was not a sign of weakness.  Helped me through raising a baby on my own, and showed me what unconditional love was. I will never forget him, James Wickenheiser.  But I do look forward to the day that i get to see him again while i am face to face with Jesus.



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5 responses to “loss sucks…hope rocks!

  1. There will be a Day…the burdens of this place will be no more…

    And in that Day we will all be reunited. I am so looking forward to it. Loss has been huge in my life these days. I know I won’t be out of here until He says so…but wow! What a Day that will be!!

    I’m thankful for people like your friend, James. I think you learned the lessons he taught very well…you have certainly been a safe, healing place for me to land. Thank you, Princess.

  2. that means a lot Michelle. He and Joan never wanted repaid in anyway, they just always said “when your life allows you to, do it for someone else”. I promised that i would. I never forgot how much it meant to me every single time they picked me up and just loved me.

    Also looking forward to the day to reunited with so many that have moved on ahead of me, i like to think they are part of the “great cloud of witnesses” cheering me on to finish this race well. Love you Princess to Princess

  3. Princess to Princess…I like that. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Just saw this…So sorry for your loss but so glad there will be a day! I love that song so much.

    I also wanted to invite you to a Bible study I am starting on Mondays Starting on the 9th on Psalm 119. I am praying it will ignite us in His word and grow in passion for it!

  5. thanks Amgela! i will look into that

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