Book Sneeze Book Review-I Lift Up My Soul

I love Charles Stanley.  Don’t let his age fool you!  He is wise and still humble in his writings.  I found this devotional easy to read, with out feeling like “I just did my duty reading for the day”.   Without spending time with God each day, life gets harder and harder.  Usually, its hard to get a focus and find a place to start in Scripture.  Charles Stanley gives plenty of spiritual meat in this book, and scriptures to follow thru.

I recommend this book.  Even if you are not a believer, this book will give you a look at what the Christian life is about, how it should be walked, and what we should look like when you look at us.  Thank you Charles Stanley for yet another awesome book!

Thank you Book Sneeze for making it possible for me to read it.





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3 responses to “Book Sneeze Book Review-I Lift Up My Soul

  1. I love Charley Stanley’s book, such wisdom and knowledge. I have found that the older authors are really good. A.W Tozer, C.S. Lewis and Hannah Whittal Smith really touch me. All filled with wisdom, knowledge and they make me walk away thing about what they said. Hey thanks for the information on Book Sneeze, I did look into it. See ya lady, from Tanya

  2. hey! missed you! i love all those you mention, and also some others..some of the old writers, and especially some from older centuries…some really seemed to have got it..wonder what happened as people continued to progress…everything seems to be permissible….almost like there is more than one cross to follow…

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