In the end of December/Beginning of January, a blogger wrote a post about One Word that was on your heart, for the new year, not a resolution just a word. Every year end I pray for God to give me something that will help me into and thru the new year.  Sometimes its been verses i  needed to commit to memory, that at some point in the year, i ended up leaning on with all being.  Yeah, HE does that when we ask.

But this year He gave me a word.  SURRENDER.  Ahhhhh the longer i thought on it, the more mixed my thoughts became.  I know that my heart is surrendered to HIM as my King, my Creator, and LORD.  But it seemed to mean something else…so casually i put it aside.  

As every other year, the year moves on, and soon I am faced with exactly why I need that one thing God has given me.

I learned a long time ago that people fail me, and all my decisions/choices are mine.  But God never fails me.

I have been going thru lots of ups and downs, with changes in my life that just had to change.  Health issues with family.  With each and every heart ache, disappointment, or discouragement, HE stood before me reminding me to SURRENDER these things to HIM.  Its not about how well i can take care of me or the ones i love.  We all belong to HIM, and HE is doing things we just don’t always understand.  

SURRENDER…getting my hands off it, laying down at HIS feet, and leaving it there with HIM..SURRENDER…A lesson I am sure i will continue to learn.  Things are going well in our lives, and some rough spots are still in front of us, but breathing easy is due to SURRENDER…



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21 responses to “Surrender…

  1. Maybe this ties in to trust?

  2. gracie hill

    Letting go, especially tough to do when you are a fixer upper. Letting God do the work, our part begins with prayer and the Word, then listening…finally acting as He directs. Yes, Charlotte, trust figures into this. The degree of trust we have in Him shows in the willingness to surrender to Him. Great words Darls, continue to let the Holy Spirit bring you understanding. love you

  3. it seems to me that we use words to the point of being comfortable with them. God is different, there seems to be levels on levels with HIS words. This really is a trust issue, to like the 3rd power. I do trust HIM but finding areas of my life that maybe i don’t trust Him like i need too! Surrender…trust..with the things that could turn out very badly in my eyes, while waiting to see the good that He will make from it.

    Thank You Ladies for your input, love you both!

  4. Faith is all about Surrender… Surrender what we see as a sure thing, for something we do not see as sure thing. Faith becomes our evidence of that assurance, and makes each step easier to surrender.

  5. Part of the Serenity Prayer:

    Trusting that He will make
    All things right if
    I surrender to His will;
    So that I may be
    Reasonably happy in this life and
    Supremely happy with Him
    Forever in the next.

    I say it at every meeting and many times during the week. But…living it…moment by moment…that’s the challenge. I am so thankful He gets me more than anyone…that He loves me more than anyone. He is the only One who is completely trustworthy. I can surrender because He truly has my best interest at heart…I can’t really say that for anyone else. But, that’s okay. If He has my back, I’ll make it.

    Love you, Princess.

  6. praying for you. I think this is my word this year too. Surrender!
    Much love,

  7. How refreshing! What righteousness, peace and joy (Romans 14:17) comes from such a ‘freeing’ concept. This is the “no longer I who live but Christ” reality…had some coffee with a friend this morning and we considered the same theme in Christ’s words in John 6:57…bless you, Darla. Keep serving it up!

  8. always a blessing to hear from you Scott!

  9. One of my favorite songs is “Cast All Your Cares” we know it’s from Peter but to surrender that’s hard for me. Because it means to lay down your arms because you have been defeated in battle… I never thought that I was at battle w/ the LORD until I started studying Romans 8 and found that I was at enmity w/ God. See whenever we try and charge a stronghold in our own flesh, we are doing the Lord’s work and He don’t like that.

    Trust: that’s a good one. The more we trust God and watch Him work it out on our behalf, the more we trust God and not think we need to whittle it down to a workable size for the Lord of host 🙂 Surrender; it’s be a long time since I’ve had a good ‘surrender’. Thank Sis.

  10. Ambe, thanks for stopping by! lots of surrendering going on here, and altho it sounds strange…What a blessing! hope things are well with you!

  11. how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

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