She is my Sunshine

She is my sunshine!

Even her cry lights up my heart. 

Her name is Lia Kate.

Smiley, and active in a bouncy chair.

Loves love.

Squeals with delight when her mommy enters the room.

She needs your prayers.

Lia was born a little early, and was quickly diagnosed with a heart murmur. No big deal, lots of kids and adults have them and they live normally.

After being checked by a specialist, her little heart has a valve that is not completely developed, and after the second check, found an artery that is open in the heart, and causing more stress to her little heart.

Surgeons are watching her closely, and hoping for her to gain more weight by the 11t of May.  Surgery like this is tricky when they are so small.  The catheter surgery is 99% that all will be corrected, and she will be fine.  But she doesn’t weigh enough.  If her condition grows worse, then they will have to enter through her chest cavity.  Much more dangerous, Much more lingering of sedatives in her little body, and they just don’t know if they can correct it through that method.

Needless to say, her mommy is on an emotional rollercoaster, and her Mimi as well! 

God can do this! nothing is too hard for HIM! He  hears the prayers of HIS children.  I am asking for you to lift her and our family up as you think of us, or as God leads you. 

Thanks in advance for joining the army of prayer warriors who are already in place, giving us support, and praying for my Sunshine.



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3 responses to “She is my Sunshine

  1. I cannot believe I am just now getting over here! I’m not sure what has happened to blogging…anyway…

    What a beautiful girl she is!!! I know how Lacey is feeling. Kellen had three surgeries his first year of life. It is one of the hardest tests of faith to watch your baby undergo surgery. It’s good we have a God who loves and comforts us as He does.

    I will continue praying for healing.
    His name is Jehovah-Rapha — The Lord Heals.

    I love you, Princess. (I’ll keep Mimi in my prayers, too!)

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Ayla

    I’ve been praying as you know but just letting you know again that I have been and will continue doing so. She is so loved by God; precious in His sight and His angels are encamped around her. Love you!

  3. Thank you Ladies for your prayers. I love you both! Praying also for each one of you… i will keep you posted as i know more

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