Pondering…looking at the Wall

Ever find yourself still, staring at a wall? Can’t get over it? Can’t get around it? not sure how you even ended up here?

Been looking and struggling with this wall for quite some time..days have turned to months, months are quickly turning to years…

The need to evaluate, and re-evaluate is imperative.  The questions that come to mind are scary, and very transparent of the heart.  I’ve been shamed for being at this wall, accused of some horrific sin, dismissed as a backslider…..yet I am exactly where God wants me to be.  HE is shredding my legalistic views, HE is stirring my bitterness to eliminate it, HE is still in control…even here. Only when HE has finished with the extremely painful heart surgery, will HE see me to the other side.

Funny, how we are so quick to judge another at the wall. How quickly we dismiss what we don’t understand. So often we claim to know what God is doing in another. We even claim to know and understand God.  *sigh*

God is not created in man’s image, we don’t even have a conclusive definition of “Holy”, yet we claim it.  I absolutely hate looking at this wall…and at the same time…I believe HE has a plan that is more awesome than anything I could dream up.

HE promised to never leave me…

HE promised to finish the work HE started in me…

HE promised to never let go…

Simple promises. Holding on to them with all I got.  Hoping that when I get to the otherside of this wall, that my concept of HIM will have grown in huge proportions.  “I will wait patiently on the LORD”…HE is faithful, even when I am not.

Ever been here? what did you learn if you have been?  Maybe you are there now.  If so, how do you keep looking up?

“Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ”



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13 responses to “Pondering…looking at the Wall

  1. Well put, Darla. I exist at the base of this wall, as does everyone else. Some are good at hiding their wall. Some are blissfully unaware of their wall. But we’re all here, none the less. It is here where God sanctifies us, preparing us for a home without walls.

    Thanks for posting this.

  2. thanks Ric! your comment is very encouraging to this wall-dweller. letting God be God, i am really not good at that job! =D

  3. I love you. This helps me. I find myself at the wall alot, especially the last couple of years. I find myself being worked on. I find that thoughts come on to me and the correction is quicker than before. The surgury is painful, the healing is slow but the the outcome is worth it. He is my desire. He is my worth. He is…..

    I am not.

  4. Theresa, love you! wonder why we have been groomed so to speak, to not speak of being at this place in our spiritual life. I am learning that people who truly desire more of HIM, and are growing in HIM, find themselves here…but most just seem to “shhhhhsh me”, or i hear things like “good christians never go there” …so glad my God is bigger enough to handle anything that comes through my head! 🙂 and relieved that we are always exactly where HE wants us for HIS own reasons. Happy New Year to you Princess!

  5. Happy New Year My Sweet Friend!!

  6. gchyayles

    What a powerful post! Thank you for sharing. I have been at this wall several times and I agree, it’s not a fun place to be but it is worth it after God is done pruning and purifying all the unrighteousness and ungodly muck in us. I am dealing with 24 years of pre-saved muck and everytime I come to a wall concerning that time in my life I have to encourage myself by remembering the previous wall I was at that God broke me through after delivering me. And when I get through each wall, I say to myself “1 more down; many more to go!”

    Love you; happy new year; added you on Twitter some time back but you didn’t accept my request! XO

  7. gchyayles, you do know what i am talking about. The wall is not ever comfortable, but necessary in the spiritual walk. love you (i didn’t see your add on twitter, but i haven’t been there for months…maybe this year i will get back into it…i would def add you!)

  8. Funny, how we are so quick to judge another at the wall. How quickly we dismiss what we don’t understand. So often we claim to know what God is doing in another. We even claim to know and understand God. *sigh*

    None of us know another’s heart. Yet, we claim to understand what others are going through…and have the audacity to tell them how to get through it. Thank you, Darla, for reminding us that we are not God. He is who He says He is, and will do what He says He will do…bring us to completion.

    I’m ready for That Day.

  9. Love you girl! So know what it is like to be staring at a wall. Yes we cannot even begin to understand what Holy really means. Been reading through Leviticus and wow at all the holy laws. God is amazing to me! Then in Christ He sees us as perfect and holy…How unfathomable?! I stand in awe and silent before Him. I know nothing!
    Ang 🙂

  10. Is it alright if I stand with you by this wall and hold your hand? I Will have my hed bowed praying for you and for me.

  11. Papa, I love that you stand by me in all the ups and downs in my life…just like a real papa. Your a special gift from God, and a huge blessing.

  12. Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults – unless, of course, you want the same treatment. This is how Chapter 7 of Matthew begins. Jesus goes on to say: That critical spirit has a way of boomeranging. We cannot see behind the door, wall, we cannot judge another, we are not God. He works with each of us differently. As it fits His purpose. Aim to please God. When our life is lived to please Him, it won’t even bother us, we won’t take offense from those who cannot or have not been brought to that place yet. love you, good read

  13. Gracie, i have also had this lesson at the wall a ways back. This is now new lessons with a much deeper heart change…thinking that all I have lived, the bad and the good, just need more surgery/purging…God is still God, and one day HE will bring me to completion…so looking forward to that day!

    Michelle, i sooo ♥ you. God is who HE says HE is, and does what HE says HE will do…sometimes my take on those is not the same as HIS view.. *sigh* still learning…

    Ang, love ya girl! thinking that when we have it all together, we will be home looking at HIM face to face..

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