Abortion, is it just a women’s battle?

A good friend of mine has posted on Abortion from a man’s perspective, responsibility, and seeking to prevent the reasons that women would do this.  Its refreshing to see men take their place, own what is theirs, and want to provide and protect their families.  Men I encourage you to take a look at these posts found here. Women , I encourage you to also read, and be encouraged by what God is doing.

What are your thoughts? Do men have anything at all to do with this? Can they make a difference? As these men take their place to make a difference, Women…its ultimately your choice.

Father God, i lift up our country to you. We have been silent while the slayings of innocent life is being condoned. You have knit together each one of those babies in the wombs of those women, you have a plan we can not fathom. At the same time you are not surprised by all this, and you knew we would make such terrible choices. Praising you for the way you are raising up the men, showing them how to make a difference, and ultimately giving women hope.  That is so like you to take a terrible situation and make it glorious. Your Princess who is elated to see you working in this area




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3 responses to “Abortion, is it just a women’s battle?

  1. I will answer the question in the title, with and emphatic NO!!! God’s design is for Men to stand the Gap of the Spiritual battle for the Church.

    Peace and Love Sis

  2. I’m with Carl. Good question. Good post. When one can take, or condone taking, the life of an unborn child, lightly or not, he has entered into a realm of cruelty that is frightening indeed. And when he does not recognize it as cruelty, that is even more frightening. God have mercy upon us all.

  3. Charlotte, read through Carl’s posts from last week, its a review of what took place in his area. He called men to pray and stand in the gap. It touched my heart greatly, and gave me such encouragement. love ya girl, been missing you!

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