There are times when quiet relection seems to be all that one can do, especially if you are a person who feels the need to do something. I am that type of person.

Lately a whole new level with the LORD has begun to open up, and following HIM is the only true option.  Awareness has become a strong sense to me, and equally hard to describe.  Looking in the the mirror, or a window, or water…the person who is reflected back to me, is new to me.  My past seems to be seperated from me, and who i once was is a stranger to me.  Healing? maybe…

Moving on with HIM, where ever this takes me.  At times just surrending, lifting my arms to HIM and saying, “even if i resist, just take me”.  Do you ever find yourself resisting?  Wish i could say that i don’t, but too many times i do.

Its time to get on with this thing called Faith and believing, its time to blindly allow HIM to lead, and trusting that HE is good (not necessarily safe).  In this time of reflection, HE reminds me over and over…”Believe me here, I do not fail you”…

This morning he woke me to a song that HE woke me with many years ago…and it touched my heart so deeply.  The memories of that time flooded my heart, a time when HE was new to me, a time when things seemed very uncertain, and i time when i knew without a doubt that HIS arms and love flowed over me.

HE is the same God, yesterday, today, and forever, never changing…the God of my yesterday, today and forever…HE’s been there all along, and yes i do know HIM, and yes HE is believeable and trustworthy..

How long has it been that you have allowed silence into your home, nothing but the Word, nothing but Praise music?  I promise you, its worth the effort, and a time of relecting always follows.

if you are interested this is the song that HE has waken me to…



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3 responses to “Reflections…

  1. TheNorEaster

    “My past seems to be separated from me, and who I once was is a stranger to me…”

    He makes all things new, and you and your family are a living, breathing, walking, talking example of that. It has been wonderful to see, and gives me great hope.

    The photograph of Trina is very telling, as if it represents our “seeing through the glass darkly” now as we emerge and evolve to That Place where we will see Him completely and clearly…

    …Moving on in faith.

  2. Nor-dude, this faith walk is constantly evolving me and everyone else who has started this journey with HIM. Changing us into who HE has intended for us to be. I love this pic of Trina, it seriously stirs my thoughts. At the time i live in despair…the changes were welcoming, now i find myself apprehensive of the new changes…even tho HE has the same motive for them..the Faith walk is not for wimps…its hard, and at times very uncomfortable…but then again…this is not my home..Heaven is my home…love you bro, you are always in my prayers

  3. This is so like what I experienced nearly 40 years ago. That lifted me above my past at that time. Nearly 40 years have since passed. I need it again.

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