Lia Kate Mann October 30th, 2010

Blogging is in order…but my head has still not wrapped it all up.  thoughts..

* God is good

*Lia Kate is beautiful

*Lacey and Josh were awesome

*God is good

*so many people love this little one

*so proud of my kids

*God is good

* two days of laboring

*i want my blanky

* God is good

thats all…



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8 responses to “overwhelmed…priceless

  1. God is good!




  2. Michelle, i was in with her the entire day and a half…i got to help coach her, and see this miracle born…and cry i did!

  3. TheNorEaster

    Oh man, that is seriously awesome!!!!!!

  4. NorDude… 🙂 ♥

  5. Awesome, Darla. I am happy for you.

  6. gchyayles

    She is beautiful! What an amazing experience, huh? Nothing short of a miracle from God! Lots of congrats and prayers to Lacey and Josh and the rest of your family.

  7. Oh wow, Darla! To experience it all…while not lying in the bed. I hope to have that experience someday, but alas, my daughter refuses to think about having children. Of course, she’s only fifteen, so that’s a good thing, for now…

    What a memory!
    Praise God for restoring what the locust tried to destroy.

  8. congrats sweet friend!! ❤

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