Repost~Princess, Overcomer?..Stand in Awe

I don’t know if anyone else needs this today..but i do!

Princess, stand in Awe (previously posted in 2008 on my blogspot…before moving here..)

We leave the radio on in the kitchen always, I am not sure why we do that except maybe the dog needs company and is confined to the kitchen. 🙂 It is always on a Christian Contemporary Radio station, so this morning while in search for my coffee, it spoke to my heart. “Stand in Awe and worship, come adore, King of kings and Lord of lords”. Praying this morning for a heart that will constantly stand in Awe of my Awesome God. The world just pulls us in so many different directions, and the negative seems to out weigh the postive most days, but the focus is to stand in Awe and worship! Music ministers to my soul in great proportions, and I do thank HIM for giving me song in my heart, and praise on my lips. GOD is so very good to me and I am so undeserving of anything. I love that most about HIM this morning. God is happy with God, and therefore it pleases HIM to call me HIS own, to adopt me into HIS family, and to put my feet on solid ground.

I spoke of the out reach in earlier posts, and wanting to start with the children in my area. I have stressed over boards in the church, I have stressed over prayer support…and this morning I am repentant for unbelief. What I felt was the first step proved to be no step…hahaha God totally opened the door, and all we had to do was walk through it! Prayer support-God provided in my siesta sistas, dollas, diva princess’. I saw with my own eyes yesterday the power of your prayers, and I thank you for interceeding on our behalf. I love how the whole thing works, although I don’t understand it and don’t think I want to…I think I would rather stand in Awe and worship our Father of Unfailing Love, who does not send us with out HIS own plan in place. HE does not fail us!

My King, Yahweh, Abba,
It is a gift just to stand in Awe and worship You. In all your power and beauty, I am overwhelmed in the fact that You move Heaven and Earth on our behalf. “who is man that you would be mindful of him”…thank you that you are so very detailed in our lives. Forgive my foolishness and unbelief, if there is any pride in me, please bring it in my face and deal with it. I know that the road to You is not the easier of the two, but it is the blessed one, resulting in crossing the finish line and You are my great Reward! Thank you for my sisters in You, and how they encourage me, and for the prayer cover you have provided. Thank you for opening the door, and allowing us to see it and walk through. Thank you for the sunshine this moring that is such an awesome display of your faithfulness to me, and a constant reminder to walk in Your light. Jesus, again today I want more than anything to live for you, and to be a picture of YOU to someone else. Touch my lips with coal from your altar, and purify me to stand in your presence-the presence of my HOLY GOD, and stand in Awe and worship. Send me. Overwhelmed in your Goodness, Your Princess



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19 responses to “Repost~Princess, Overcomer?..Stand in Awe

  1. Peace and all the Love of Christ to you Sis. 😀

  2. bwahahahaha it feels like forever since i was hijacked, especially from my brother! you are the king of hijacked blogs!

    thanks, God is good, and HE knew i needed a smile, and HE knew you would make me laugh! give my love to your fam..missing you and Dawn on FB..but being obedient. Peace and Love

  3. Awesome posting, Darla. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. Amen.

    (I loved that about your kitchen…if I needed a glass of water in the middle of the night, music surrounded me…very cool.)

  5. Charlotte, you are quite the encourager, and i appreciate you very much.

    Michelle, you definitely know how it works here.. 🙂 when you coming back..the radio is still on!

  6. I felt shepherded by this, Darla. Anytime I can swallow great draughts of still waters and lay my head back on pillows of soft pasture, I know My Shepherd. Thank you for leading me again to Him.

    Love always.

    Bless your faithfulness.


  7. Scott, thank you for your kind words. I am always pulled closer to HIM when i read your writings, so i am humbled. God amazes me that HE would use me at great is our God! love you brother, keeping you in my prayers..i believe HE has placed you on my heart for a long time..Oh how HE loves you too! (we are both HIS favorite! 🙂 )

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