Abundant Grace- Day 2 Sacrifice

Ahhhhh! did this one hit a few nerves for you? It certainly hit a few with me.

(Genesis 22:1-18 )  When I read this, the questions started to roll around.  I know God has called me out many times to lay my “Isaac” down on HIS altar, and surrender that person/things to HIM. At times it felt like HE was ripping my heart out, and thru the tears, I realized there was no other choice.  Abraham knew and believed that he would walk away from that mountain with his son…even if it meant God would raise him from the dead! I have often wondered why this “test”? what was it Abram was to learn, it seemed like he already had it all figured out?  And surely, God being all knowing, already knew that Abram would choose obedience..so why?

Job 1:6-12 show a different testing..but is definitely called out as testing.  Without going to far off track, the reason for the testing was due to the unseen heavenlies, the enemy/accuser/Satan..

I just want to add that we are unaware of the war in the heavenlies, when we have been accused.  I do know that God will not allow the enemy to have his way without God turning it out for the good.  So altho this is just a theory….I have learned from this story, multiple times.

Obedience, trust, surrendering the most dear thing to my heart, learning that HIS sovereignty is something to be acknowledge!

I have always admired Abram for his faith…

What does this reading stir in you? It has certainly stirred my heart and thinking…



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8 responses to “Abundant Grace- Day 2 Sacrifice

  1. As I read this, I realized God was not tempting Abraham, or enticing him to do wrong… just seeing if he would do what is right. In Deuteronomy 12:31, God abhors child sacrifice…. and was not telling Abraham to do wrong. It was simply a test so Abraham could demonstrate that he trusted God completely and placed him above all else… how many times I have failed this test. I’m sure God already knew his faith level… but for some reason it was necessary for Abraham, as it is for us, to prove it through action. James 2:21-23 says “His faith was made compete by what he did”. Because of his actions, not only God but Abraham, his family and future generations knew of his faithfulness. It showed that he had the right relationship with God, and therefore could benefit from God’s good plans for his life. There is no record as far as I know of Abe’s emotional reactions to God’s command… I just can’t imagine. While I’m glad it is NOT my test, I pray I am able to pass the ones given to me with the same heart as Abraham….


  2. I disagree a little with Debs 🙂 (“.. just seeing if he would do what is right”). God knew Abraham would do right, but Abraham did not know if he would do right. God had confidence in Abraham and yet Abraham was not sure how this was going to end. But he trusted, and followed God’s instructions. This was not a test of God’s power or faithfulness, but of Abraham’s faithfulness. I too pray that I am faithful to God at all times – like Deb, i am working on it! 🙂

  3. God definitely know what is going to happen before it happens (not sure Deb meant that phrase like it came across, just because i know her and so do you Papa 😆 ).

    God accomplishes so many different things with just one…God knew what Abram would choose, and Abram was already so very obedient from the moment God told him to leave his home and move on. Abram seen so many of God’s miracles in his life that i am sure that he knew in his heart that God was capable of saving Isaac, and faithful to finish the promise God had already made to him.

    Another thing that is accomplished in this…

    we read it today, and so many others in the past…and we all know that we struggle with something that is incredibly hard to lay down, even for our God that we love. Abram is a great example that we can lay it down on the altar of God, and trust the outcome. For me this has been a lesson i have returned to many times, whether with my husband or my children. One child in particular has been my Isaac several times. Through tears, and begging and pleading for this child, i have heard HIM speak over and over again…Lay the child down on my altar, she is mine, and i know the plans i have for her as well as you…and each time when i surrendered my will to HIS, the peace within has been supernatural.

    Abram and Isaac is a story of something that has happened in the past, very real, real people with real feelings and fears…and we learn from it, just as scripture has said…”for us to learn”

    i hope to never get over this story…

  4. What Darla said… 😆

  5. 😆 i was tired and how about that comment post? LOL

    later today i will post on Day 3/4 together..Peace

  6. The faith of Abraham. I find it interesting that in chapter 12 we see Abe being justified for what he believed (the promises of God), yet not until chapter 16 do we see the ‘work’ that proved his faith (Hebrews 11:17-19; Galatians 3). Soooooo many years had gone by and quite a few failures, by earthly standards, but God…

    God knew exactly when to test his faith. At what point in Abe’s life could he handle such a test. Even our faith is a gift from God…and the measure of faith we have for whatever test He brings us through. He does it all from beginning to end.

    Such abundant grace!

  7. Michelle, (sorry not sure why you keep going in spam..you are NOT spam) love your thoughts as well as scripture. Many years did pass by and i really hadn’t thought of that…i can only speak for myself, but i need those tests from time to time to help me refocus and rekindle that faith…the world wears me down. so very good to see you here..still working on that email, just been real busy.

  8. I have bookmarked your website and will turn back to read your new articles. Thank you.

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