Studying the “Begats”-Abundant Grace

My dear Sister, Angela, has agreed to give us a study that she compiled for free! so there is no materials to buy, just your time…honestly we are all busy, and twenty minutes tops a day is very do-able.. I thank God for bringing this our way, and for allowing me to host it here on my blog. I will be posting Monday -Friday my findings, and please comment on any days that you can.  Try to comment at least once a week..we learn from each other..share your findings… ABUNDANT GRACE, by Angela Parsley

Ever wonder…why in the world did God find it necessary to list the “begats”? I used to skip those parts in my readings just because it really didn’t matter to me…more or less, lets just get on with it. Over the last few years, the greatest treasures that applied to me were found through the “begats”.

While learning to look a each name and research them in the Bible, a whole new world opened up.  These are actual people, they led actual lives, and mad actual bad choices, and through it all God used them to get where HE intended to be.  Amazing.

So many struggle with their identity in Christ, and what exactly that means.  So many times we fall into the thinking that we have just out sinned GOD’s love, forgiveness, and attention.  We are so wrong in that thinking.  It’s refreshing to look closer at these people.

As we step into this new study, I am hoping that we can see these “begats” as real live people, not superhuman, just people, that God choose to use as the family lineage for HIS son to come through.

If you would like to join in this study, email me and I will email you some home work to keep up to pace with us.  So excited! Let’s take a deeper look and understand that what we have been sliding past is where the treasure lies…


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