the ONLY unchanging ONE

Just came from my friend Gracie’s blog, and she inspired this in me.  (click the link and see if that post doesn’t move your heart..thats God calling..definintely)

So often we forget what God means when HE tells us to love.  So often we pick and choose what that love should look like in us.  While reading her blog I thought of a song that said “Jesus said to love like him, then HE died for me…can i be like my Jesus” (from My Jesus, by Todd Agnew)

While pondering on this…it all comes down to know HIM, loving HIM, and understanding that there is nothing we can do to earn HIS love, and if we got what we are entitled…to put it bluntly..we would get Hell an eternal seperation from our Holy God.

My love for HIM is rekindled pondering on who HE is.  HE doesn’t need us or anything we can do, HE wants us…the ONLY unchanging ONE

The Only unchanging One, by Todd Agnew



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5 responses to “the ONLY unchanging ONE

  1. Wow… putting it together. He’s amazing. I sense a need to find a place to be quiet with Him and just listen, listen in gratitude that He speaks to me, listen in humility that I recognize His supremacy in my life, listen to change, grow, expand my borders. THank you, Darla.

  2. i am doing just that..ready to shut down…turn up the Praise Worship that is about HIM..instead of the songs that are about us and our whining…stepping into HIS presence…ahhhhhh now that feels like home! love you girl, i am blessed to have you in my life!

  3. Hi there! Long time visiting your blog! Love Him – & you!!

  4. i love HIM and YOU too…you make my heart smile!

  5. Great posting, Darla. Especially like your 3rd paragraph.

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