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Jesus in me…are you sure?

A group of children needed a ride from the rec center/daycare at a park near me, to take a day trip to a place where they train bloodhounds to “Search and Rescue”.  My employer sent me with a bus to do this trip.  Sluggishly, i accepted the trip. Its extremely hot, and humid. But the Lord gently nudged me and reminded me of HIS provision for myself and my family. I knew I would be leaning hard to get through this trip.

Upon my arrival to pick up this crew of kids, several faces were familiar to me. (they were some of my kiddos I take to school) Many high fives as they climbed on, a few parents who looked so happy to see me, still praying in my heart…”Please Lord get me through this day, heat and humidity are not my friend as an asthmatic, my allergies are going crazy…I know you can get us there and back…thank you for providing work for me”…

A woman climbed on the bus last. She was very friendly, and let me know she would be in charge of this crew ( I was relieved).  As I was driving, she leaned up and spoke softly.  “there are children on this bus that will not get on the other buses when we take trips, their parents drive them and meet us there. But when they saw you in the bus, they told their mom’s that they were going to ride the bus, with Darla.”  I smiled, yet not really knowing what to say, so I brushed it off…they just know me, I drive some of them to school, i am familiar to them.

When we arrived, i received hugs from some of them, and decided to sit outside the bus til they returned.  Listening to some good Praise music in my ipod, reading a book, the most amazing breeze stayed with me the entire time I waited. Oh how I was giving some praise for that!  Then we headed back.

The same woman leaned front again, and she said…”i don’t think they know who you really are, and I am very excited for them to know you. I am not allowed to speak of my faith to these kids, but I can pray, and I do…when I got on this bus I knew you were here, and who you are”.   Okay, I was a little stunned, and wondering who in the world do you think I am. But responded, “I am not allowed to speak my faith either, but I do pray, and have been doing alot of it today.”  She replied again, “I know who you are, or who is in you, see only Jesus could keep those kids from fear, they fear all the time, but they were thrilled to see Darla, and wanted to get on the bus without a doubt”

I choked tears as I drove them back.  All the days I have prayed for those kids, all the times I prayed for Jesus to be seen in me…all the struggles and wrestling with God I have been doing…and in a heart beat…while i am whining about the heat…Jesus was so apparent, and I almost missed it.

I am more encouraged today than I have been in a long time…I am not going to pretend the whole thing did not shock me, or that I feel more awake in HIM then I have felt in a year.  In the middle of my desert…a spring of living water….yummmmm I needed that drink!


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