Looking for some closure…

I have a dear friend who has been the wind under my wings for the last 3 1/2 years. Not only was her blog named “Deborah’s Encouragement”, but she truly was an encouragement to me, even in her rough times.  I just love her.  Now you must know that i never physically met her, instant messaged with her, skyped with her, emailed, Facebooked and twittered and blogged.  Even if she only left a small message that said “love you dolla”, i knew she meant it with all her heart.

Her womens ministries was the most authentic, down to earth, heart to heart i ever experienced.  She was not a missionary in South Africa, but a resident.  She not only experienced rough times raising her children but shared them as well, for us to pray for her, and to know that Jesus hasn’t promised us a life with out trial, but promised to be with us.

Last weekend I learned from her very sweet sister that my dolla-Deborah is now with Jesus.  Her husband came home one night and shot her in her sleep, then himself. He died immediately, and she died the next day.  She is survived by a daughter who is married and a grandchild, another daughter who lived at home, and a son.

Honestly, I cannot imagine any of them going through ilfe without her…they were her DOLLAs…as i know the pain of suicide in my own life, i plead with God for mercy on her children at this time, to comfort them, to give them peace, to help them sleep, to help them eat, to help them not to fall to the schemes of the enemy…and for the life of me i will not ever understand why someone would do this…but Dear Jesus help us to forgive.

If you have time or would just like to experience her check out her blog…my favorite posts of hers are “One high heel, one slipper”  .   She will be greatly missed around the world

UPDATE: new information is showing that this is NOT a suicide/murder…it is a murder with  a possible three shooters.



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7 responses to “Looking for some closure…

  1. gchyayles

    I’m so sorry for your loss Darla. I will be praying for you and for your friend’s family during this time. Love you XO

  2. Charlotte

    I am so sorry, Darla. Will be praying for you as well as her family and other friends.

  3. Sobering.
    I don’t know her, I have read her blog before…and now I feel like a we’ve all lost a ray of sunshine in our world. So very sad. How her family must grieve right now. Praying.

  4. I’m so sorry, Darla.

    I’m praying…

  5. oh Darla, I am so sorry. I am reading her blog, and it is so very encouraging….this is certainly a loss here and a gain in heaven:(

  6. Kelly, some days i miss her so much i can’t hardly stand it! and other times i know in my heart that even in her Death..God’s glory is shining…i love her blog, and visit there often…she has written so many great things, and always just herself. thanks for reading, loving and praying..love ya

  7. OH my goodness.

    I came over to visit you and was reading and found this post. (Hi my friend!! It is so nice to be out and about and “see” my friends again. You have such a golden heart …)

    This is so very soboring to me. But so much so that I don’t even know what to say.

    Father, yes indeed help this family in the many many years to come as they grieve and rage and recover from such a violence done to them. Hold their hearts close and send ministering angels to offer help and moments of relief as they climb a hill they did not choose to face. Let even this shine in their hearts as you make all things new. Thank you Lord and Father.

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