oh be still my heart!

My youngest daughter went to prom this weekend…my heart was not prepared….

While i watched my daughters, and heard their soft words to each other, my heart became full of joy and sadness….its a mothers heart…remembering the days when they could not get along long enough to keep from being grounded, joyful that those days were gone, and thinking how grown up they are, precious young women, a new place in my heart….

Lacey stood by her little sister the entire time, doing her make-up, helping with her hair, and encouraging her…this is the finished product….

Be still my heart!

Going over this in my mind…

It is all because of God’s grace, and compassion that these two are the lovely, soft spoken, compassionate people that they are today.  Thru all the bad choices i made, i am  blessed beyond words to have them both!

My son blesses me daily, with his love for the LORD, wondering if he will become a pastor…Thank you LORD, i am truly blessed, and not by anything i could have done, but because of your Grace and Mercy…be still my heart…



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7 responses to “oh be still my heart!

  1. Wow, she looks older and much more sopohisticated!

    Did you have to sedate/tranquilize Scott?

    Receiving 100 fold comes to mind.

  2. i think Scott is still in shock…his exact words “baby you look beautiful…but you aint goin no where”…then a lot of mumbling about cleaning his guns…

  3. Wow. She’s gorgeous.

    Remembering their quiet, gentle ways–spoke volumes to me, Darla.
    And that boy–aside from my own, of course–sweetest young man I’ve ever met.

    You and Scott are blessed beyond measure.

  4. Such a sweet post. She is beautiful. I still have a couple years before Hope goes. 🙂

  5. Thank you, Michelle…they loved that you came to visit from what they feel is the “land of far far away” 😉

    Theresa, been thinking lots of you! watching my children grow wings of thier own, has been hard for me…i didn’t think it would be, but ahhhhhhh a mothers heart!

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