Mission Field…

I see this sign five days a week…God knows i need lots of reminders!  This sign is posted at both entrance/exits of a church parking lot, where i pull my bus over to wait for about three minutes before heading back on the road for my elementary children.

I’ve been pondering this sign all school year, and each day it takes me by surprise! 😯  ya i know…

Usually when we hear the words “mission field” we think far away…we have fond thoughts of people we know who are also far away serving God, and most often we don’t think of home. Sometimes the mission field is when we step right outside our front door, sometimes leaving the church parking lot, sometimes leaving my bedroom…

i thought about  asking these people where i could get a sign like this…i thought maybe i would put it right inside my front door…but for real…i could use it inside my bedroom door!  a constant reminder that my family is also the mission…

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “mission field”?  Could you use a sign like this too?


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One response to “Mission Field…

  1. I think I am always immersed in the mission field. I am just an ambassador in this foreign land called planet earth. An alien, legal, but only just barely.

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