unexpected presents..

My daughter and her husband came to visit last night, and brought us a present.

and this is what was inside….

a baby! God is so good to us, i am so happy for them, and happy for me too! Babies are a gift from God, what a treasure!

Still…my baby is having a baby…boggles my little brain…



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8 responses to “unexpected presents..

  1. Wow! Congratulations to them. Babies are indeed a gift.

  2. Congratulations, Grandma!!!

  3. Very exciting news! Pondering your name as a Grandmama.

  4. Cool! Welcome to the Grandparents club. (a.k.a., free babysitters/spoilers club)

  5. thanks all!

    @Ric…hahahaha i love the grandparents club already..can’t wait to be part of the spoilers club and will be happy to be the free babysitter!

  6. Deborah- i remembered looking at the ultrasound of your grandson, and wondering what it would be like to see mine…now i know…inexpressible…joy and awe!

    Michelle, i want to be called gram..but will take any thing…but we will be brainwashing the little one to call scott “pappy”…lol we all like that here, and scott is now smiling to a version “pappycrappy” LOL

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