i can’t sleep!

having tons of trouble sleeping. i fall asleep okay, but don’t seem to get into that last phase of sleep…wake up, go back to sleep,wake up…sleepy all day…limiting my caffiene intake, my sugar intake…

what do you all do to help you sleep?  or maybe you never have this problem… plz don’t tell me its my age..i have considered that..



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5 responses to “i can’t sleep!

  1. HA…. hate to say it….but when I can’t sleep, I take Ambien…. LOVE IT! But those nights are rare for me… sorry you are having problems w/this….xoxooxox

  2. hey girl!!!! does ambien need a prescription? i’ve been told to stay up later..but i am already awake til 10 or after, and up at 4:30..cut back on caffiene, except for mornings…ready to start trying different t hings 😯

  3. When I can’t sleep…. I go online and surf Facebook or something…. I USED to spend time in the Word.. I need to do that again….

  4. I struggle with sleeplessness alot….I usually read youversion or watch tv. I have found that by reminding myself that I can make it through the day with only 3 hours sleep. That it takes the stress of “needing” to sleep away. It makes it easier for me to go back to sleep when I am not stressing about it.

  5. Theresa, that is very true, i do stress about it at times…but i have been sleeping again the last few days, some of it is due to my allergies, and some is probably that nasty “M” word! I used to pray when i was awake, and think i need to start doing that again.

    Bajan, the internet can sabotage my reading the word…boundaries brutha boundaries…i need them too!

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