watch your mouth, control your tongue!

Driving a bus for high school students is probably the most trying time of my day.  I can honestly say that i do my most heartfelt praying at that time.  praying for them to find HIM, to know that there is more to life than what they see right now, or what they feel. lots of times i am telling them to watch their mouth…the language that falls from their mouth would make a drunk sailor turn around.  lately it seems like i do this more than anything else, calling them on language. wears me down..really.

Thinking about how hurtful our tongue can be to others, and we don’t need to use foul language to do it. Sometimes its just how clever we think we are with a comeback, or a cut that makes us laugh or someone else, but someone is the victim of our tongue.  been thinking about this lately. alot of my struggles come from what someone else said to me, maybe even joking….no that doesn’t make me too sensitive, it makes me human.  so human that God put in the Bible, to control our tongue…it either edifies or destroys…it really doesn’t say that there is a middle gray area.

my prayer (at the top) of my list is to help me control my tongue, to speak truth, but not been callous to anothers perception of what i am saying.  i know thats a tall order for anyone to pull off. but isn’t our God big enough, strong enough, capable of helping us to carry out exactly what HE said to do?  i am thinking HE is.

peace…watch your mouth…and control that tongue!


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  1. Will work at watching my tongue…. should I stand before a mirror???? grin

    Thank you for the reminder, Darls!

    LOVE YOU….

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