Always wanted to walk on water

I have been struggling with myself while reading the book “So Long Insecurity”,  by Beth Moore , there are times that I am sure God has freed me from a lot of my past, and at the same time I know there is still work to be done on my heart, and more healing is in order.  Recently, I decided to lay the book down, my own thinking was, maybe i am just stirring a pot that doesn’t need stirred.  But then I realized…by the mighty hand of God, that my insecurity was being afraid of looking back, afraid of falling in my walk (and i have done that), and allowing my doubt to run my life, or ruin it….have you never wondered…what if, this time i have really gone too far..

Today while coming home from a very long trying day, this song came on the radio…there in my car, God touched my heart, and every word of it felt like God speaking directly to me..wonder if anyone else may need to hear this too…you know…i always wanted to take HIS hand and walk on the water…i may just do that!



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3 responses to “Always wanted to walk on water

  1. Sue

    Oh how many times I have sensed that doubt, the fear…. those darn what if’s!!! Hadn’t heard this song before, but I think it hit the nail on the head so to speak… Thank you so much for sharing!!


  2. The coolest part, after you step out on the water.. Even if you sink, his hand is there for you…Then you get to walk back to the the boat with HIM.

    Peace and love sis.

  3. I feel ya, Darls… will check out the site when I get home to see the video….

    I wanna walk on water, too ….

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