Pray 4 your children(bc you love them)

These are my children (playing with mom’s Mac).  Absolutely adore these three people, i would go so far as to say they are my most favorite people in the whole world! if you have children you understand in my heart in that statement.

Praying for our children is the one thing that they need the most.  Money is awesome and they love it..but not really what they need the most. All the things we struggle with in our adult life, they have started struggling with by 12 years old.  pier-pressure is the worst ever, the people they come in contact with as they find their way in the world are anything but kind, so many will try to define them, and cause them to look at their self differently than God says they are. then there is also the task of not only looking for a mate, but wanting a mate.

Pray for children..set a time aside each morning with your coffee to just lift each one up to HIM, lay them at HIS feet to grow them, to lead them, to bring them closer to HIM, to protect them, to help them make good choices, and to help them to believe HIM. Pray for that spouse that HE has already picked for them, pray they wait for the one HE has chosen.(this is not something we need to wait to pray for..start right now)

Children are a gift from God to us, we have such a short time to influence their life with good values, directing them to God, holding them and reassuring them of the love we have for them…then ultimately they will take their place where God has planned for them. it doesn’t cost anything but your time, and only a few minutes a day, to love them like no one else will ever love them..praying for them because we love them.



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5 responses to “Pray 4 your children(bc you love them)

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    I definitely agree that children are a gift from God! We can raise them the best we can and then hope they have learned to do the right thing!

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. 5kidswdisabilities- saying a prayer for you too. just have to tell you, i have seen Jesus in a beautiful way through disabled children..always wondered if they are here to show us the way to him. thanks for your comment and hope you come back again

  3. Agreed! Love my boys to death… and I do pray that the Lord’s purpose is fulfilled in them both! I’m looking forward to sitting at their concerts (both of them like music, at 5 and 2.8 years old !) and saying, “Look what the Lord has done!!!!!” And to see the Word of the Lord that has been prophesied over them come to pass!

    Thanks for the encouragement, Darls 🙂

  4. your welcome! 😉 i need the reminders and encouragement as much as anyone!

  5. I think those are three of the coolest kids I’ve ever met…well…you know…aside from my own.


    Thanks for the reminder to pray…

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