needing a heart change

Lord, we need a transformation of our mind, a renewing, a fresh look, a serious heart change.

Life seems to gradually desensitize us, and the wear and tear of daily living is anything but kind.

Its easy to fall into a depressing state of mind, while looking at the news.

Frustrating to watch the most intelligent people in the world try to fix it.

Believers are fighting with believers, and the world watches…and laughs.

People with advice who never leave their same minded circles, can not see.

Its necessity to lift our praises to You.

Praise dances need to fill the room.

Celebrations need to take place, because these are the signs of the times,

YOU are getting ready to come for us, we should be ecstatic!

Refocus us, help us to remember You, its all about You.

You have called us your bride…make us ready for that day!



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5 responses to “needing a heart change

  1. Nicely said sis….

    Peace and Love.

    P.S. Next time your jump blogs … Warn a brother… 😉

  2. love you both! thanks for the encouragement you give me.

    Carl, sorry dude, i dropped the ball on that one, but really didn’t tell anyone..didn’t really think anyone was reading anymore, except for spammers! 😯

  3. I always read.. Just may not comment… Peace sis.

  4. Beautiful, Darla! THANKS for sharing this! (I have two “left feet”…much as I’d love to dance, or even to dance well! But!) You are SO right: We KNOW that He’s coming back for us, and SOON — we can skip over all that in-fighting & picking at each other… and you’re also right about the effect of the news to depress us. Your post here reminds me of one of my present-day personal “heroes of the faith”, Stormie Omartian, another pray-er, dancer, GOD-worshiper, and encourager. It’s wonderful to know that God has strategically “positioned” you to serve Him & His Kingdom as a prayin’ bus-driver. Wonder how many broken hearts He’s mending through your prayers? Wonder how many of those students “see” JESUS when they get on & off their bus mornings & afternoons? Wonder how many *wish* their moms or dads would set boundaries on their language like you do? YESSS!!! Now every time I see a school bus, I’ll be thinking of you, and asking Him to encourage you, strengthen your heart, use your influence, & zzzing your prayers right to the Father’s heart! Hey, let’s ALL of us do that,& pray for Darla! Blessings your way! — gracie

    p.s. thx to Michelle’s blog I “found” yours!

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