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Jobless..no direction..Secure?

God’s ways are not mine…this lesson i have gotten down, no doubt!  My family is walking on faith that God is moving heaven and earth on our behalf, and I believe it!  My hubs needed to find a new job at time when there are not jobs, at least not the skilled ones.  But he has placed a job, and like the last year, it took him from us for a couple weeks.  Funny, we made sure all of our ducks were lined up. You know, God loves to knock those ducks down!  All our bills were paid for the month, and enough money left to get me and the kids through the next couple of weeks…well, didn’t everything that could go wrong, go wrong..and somehow we have enough money to get through it…I don’t know how HE does that, but I know HE provides.  So as we continue on this road to know HIM more and love HIM more, HE has been faithful to bring us closer to HIM at this time.  I know it all spins like crazy somedays..and where will land only HE knows for sure!

Seems to me that this is place HE likes to keep us in, don’t know if we would reach like crazy for HIM, if things were always just so, or comfortable.

As I read through Isaiah 58, i was reminded that all HE wants from us is EVERYTHING!  We truly must lose our life to find it, in HIM.  Sounds scary, but i have never felt more secure than i do at this moment.  Its HIS peace that is filling my home and my heart.  I know I have issues, and insecurities beyond words, but HE is healing me, and showing this visual learner that nothing is too hard for HIM.  Hope you know HIM like that!



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