Kisses from Heaven

Have you ever felt like you were on the receiving end of a kiss from Heaven?  Nothing like it! This day was one of those days!

Church service was awesome! I love when I show up and notice God moving around the place..and touching hearts like only HE can do! If that were all that happened today I would still feel like kisses from heaven.  But the day increasingly was full of HIM all around me! He knows how much i miss my friends that are far away. Altho, it wasn’t all of them, it was three contacts today from three different states, all just wanted to love on me, and yes! i was loving on them too!  God just knows and provides all that we need and desire.  From the time I left my home this morning, to this very moment (hanging with my family), HIS presence is incredible.  I am praying that you all know what that is like, and that you will very soon receive your own kisses from heaven. Peace



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4 responses to “Kisses from Heaven

  1. Awesome post, Darls 🙂 Looking forward to my own kisses 🙂 (BIG HUG, BTW… I miss you!)

  2. I love the presence of God. There is nothing more intimate and fulfilling. I am so glad you got kisses!

  3. this last year has been a rough one, and its been a road that at times it has just been so hard to see HIM , and learning to walk by faith and not by sight…so i get super excited when HE gives me those glimpses of HIM, and re assures me that HE hasn’t not left me for even a second..gotta love the presence of GOD..its motivating to say the least! 😉

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